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Sample Answers : The Curse SPM 2015

The Curse: Theme of Family Love

“Family love is important.”


Using details from the novel you have studied, state whether you agree with the statement above,  give reasons for you answers. Use evidence from the novel to support your answer.

            In the novel “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann, we can see how important family love is. There is love between parents and children as well as husband and wife. Family love is important because when it exists, there is happiness but when it does not, there will be conflict.

                First, the book explores several facets of the love between a husband and a wife. Saleh Abdullah, Azreen’s father takes good care of his wife until she dies although she is paralysed and has Alzhemier.

Haji Ghani, the village headman loves his second wife, Madhuri a lot. He adores her, showers her with expensive gifts and takes her on vacations. He is heart-broken when she dies and really misses her. However, he is quite cold towards his first wife, Fatihah who loves her husband and tries everything to win back her husband’s affections. This brings about conflict in the household. She becomes jealous of Madhuri and she must have been relieved when Madhuri dies.

 However, the relationship between the Old Lady and her late husband is a destructive one because her husband turns abusive and she kills him in self-defence. It must have started with love but it is a love that has turned sour. Without love, the relationship between a husband and wife turns chaotic and there is no peace at home. That is why family love is important.

Then, there is love between parents and children. Although Madhuri is an adoptive child, Saleh Abdullah and his wife love her a lot and treat her like their own. She is a good child and does not give her adopted parents problems. Azreen, on the other hand, is headstrong and rebellious, and as a result, often gets punishment. However, Saleh Abdullah shows his love for Azreen in a silent way. He comes just in time to save Azreen from the viciousness of the unruly crowd of villagers gathered in front of Mohd Asraf’s house to demand that the Old Lady to leave the village. Again, Saleh shows his love for Azreen when he rushes into the Old Lady’s burning house to save her. This is what love for family means.

Therefore, family love is important because it can be a unifying factor. When there is love in the family, there is peace and happiness. Without family love, things fall apart.

The Curse: Moral Value of Courage

 Based on the novel you have read, write about one moral value that is portrayed in this novel. Support your answer with close reference to the text.

            One moral value that is depicted in the novel “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann is being brave. Azreen, who is the protagonist in this story, displays this moral value.

 Even as a young girl, she takes the challenge and tries to prove to her friends that the Old Lady is not an evil witch. When she is yelled at for entering the Old Lady’s house and destroying her garden, Azreen bravely stands her ground. In fact, the next day she returns and repairs the trampled garden. This act of hers finally wins the Old Lady’s heart. Soon, a close relationship is forged between them.

 In another incident, Azreen demonstrates courage when she bravely takes the blame for Mohd Asraf in the bull incident. The same bull later injures her mother’s leg, causing her to lose the use of the leg. Despite being blamed and scolded by her father and scorned upon by the villagers for being irresponsible, she bravely endures it all by keeping the secret and never tells anyone what really happened.

 Azreen’s bravery is again evident when she bravely tries to rescue the Old Lady but she in turn has to be rescued by her father. When the innocent Old Lady dies in the tragic accident she bravely confronts Mohd Asraf ‘like a wildcat’. Finally, towards the end of the story, she confronts her father about Madhuri’s murder until he is forced to divulge the truth that he has killed Madhuri in a fit of anger.

 Therefore, through Azreen’s character, we are shown that being brave is an important value in building relationship, keeping secret and finding the truth.

The Curse: An Important Event

 Based on the novel you have read, choose an event that you think is important. Give reasons for your choice with close reference to the text.

            In the novel “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann, there are a number of important events. In my opinion one of the important events is the climax of the novel which is the attack on the Old Lady by an angry mob.

            The Old Lady tries to cure Mohd Asraf’s grandmother with her medicine but she dies suddenly. Mohd Asraf is convinced by Puan Normala that his grandmother, Nek, is poisoned by the Old Lady. Angry at his loss, Mohd Asraf leads an angry mob which results in a tragic accident and the demise of the Old Lady. This event is significant because after this incident all the questions that are in the minds of the villagers are answered.

            For Azreen, the death of the Old Lady signifies the loss of a true friend, confidante and counselor. Consequently, she confronts Asraf ‘like a wildcat’. He breaks down and tells her the truth that he and Madhuri are lovers and they have planned to elope to Kuala Lumpur. The next morning, Awang the ‘bomoh’ reveals more secrets. Azreen learns that Madhuri is not her real sister and that Madhuri’s mother is still alive. She is the vampire-like figure of a woman lurking around the village, out to avenge the death of her daughter.

Azreen finally confronts her father, Saleh Abdullah, who admits that he kills Madhuri in a fit of anger when he discovers that she is having an affair with a man in the rubber plantation. The ‘white blood’ that comes out from Madhuri’s body turns out to be the latex from the rubber tree. Later, when he comes face-to-face with the woman with the long black hair and blazing eyes (Madhuri’s real mother), he is terrified. Fear coupled with guilt results in him suffering a heart attack and he dies.

The important event in this novel when the Old Lady is attacked by the angry mob has shown that the truth will always prevail at the end.

The Curse A Decision Made By a Character: was it right or wrong?

The novel that I have read is The Curse by Lee Su Ann.  In this novel I find that Azreen has made a few difficult decisions.    One of the decisions is when she took the blame for leaving Mr. Mohan’s farm gate open which caused the bull to escape.

 During the school days, Azreen was a good friend of Asraf and she also had a crush on him.  Asraf worked part time on Mr. Mohan’s farm.  One evening, when Azreen went to visit Asraf on the farm, there was a commotion.  As Azreen approached the group, she was shocked to hear Mr. Mohan and his sons, threatening Asraf.  Asraf was being blamed for leaving the farm gate open and letting the bull from the farm.  At that very moment, Azreen’s instinct told her to protect the person she loves.  She made a difficult decision by taking up the blame for leaving the gate open.  She boldly told off Mr. Mohan and his sons that they should not make accusations without looking into the matter first.  In general, it is not easy to take a blame for something that one has not done.  It takes a lot of guts and I find that Azreen has that quality.

However, was her decision right?  I feel that the decision to take up the blame was wrong.  A friend in need is a friend indeed but not in this situation.  Helping a friend does not mean that one should take up the blame for someone else’s wrong doings just to protect the friend from being punish.  In this case, I feel Azreen took the blame just to prove to Asraf her feelings for him.  But was that appropriate?  If Asraf was innocent, then he should have voiced out and stopped Azreen from taking the blame.  Furthermore, Azreen should have requested Mr. Mohan to investigate the situation first and that would have been a better decision.

Moverover, it was the wrong decision because the escaped bull also cost her mother to lose the ability to walk.  Since Azreen took the blame for the bull’s escape, she was indirectly responsible for the accident.  The bull had crashed into her father’s motorcycle causing her mother to lose the use of her leg.  From that day onwards her father was cold and distant with her as he was furious that it was really her fault that the bull escaped.  I find that the decision that she made was her biggest mistake as she did not win Asraf’s heart after all but her relationship with her father went from bad to worse.  They became estranged until the end.

            Based on the above reasoning, I find that making a decision to help someone in need is a right move but saving someone who may be in wrong or guilty is not a good decision.  In this situation, I feel that the decision Azreen made was definitely wrong as it cost her to lose her parents’ trust and love.

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