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MUET Statistical Writing Report Sample 1


Study the report writing structure and try the question. A sample answer is provided.

When writing a report, follow this simple structure. You’ll find producing a report between 150-200 words a breeze.

  1. Title
  2. Introduction sentence – what are the stimuli?
  3. Overview/trend – what is the most outstanding idea that links all stimuli?
  4. Key features – most outstanding features as opposed to listing down the obvious features
  5. Conclusion sentence – similar to overview, but just written from a different angle

Study the chart and table below. Using only the information provided, analyse the sales of three fast food outlets in the first quarter of 2012. In your answer, you are to link the information presented in both visuals. You should write a report within 150-200 words.

  1. Title
Sales of three fast food outlets in the first quarter of 2012

  1. Introduction
The stimuli present a line graph on the sales of three fast food outlets in the first quarter of 2012 and a table on their promotional activities.

  1. Overview/trend
In general, the sales of fast food outlets increases in direct relation with the amount of promotional activities.
In general, Ken Burger recorded the highest amount of sales especially when they carried out promotional activities.

  1. Key features
Analysis within each stimulus

Line graph:
  • According to the line graph, among the three fast food outlets, Ken Burger is the most popular choice followed by Mario Pizza and Ray’s Fish & Chips.
  • The highest recorded sales was by Ken Burger in April as it rose sharply from RM3,000 to more than RM4,000.
  • Sales for Ken Burger dipped between February and March to an all time low of below Rm1,900.
  • Mario Pizza achieved its highest sales of RM1,500 between February and March before dropping to less than RM500 at the end of April.
  • Ray’s Fish & Chips was the least popular among the three fast food outlets selling less than RM400 for all four months.

  • Ken Burger and Mario Pizza both carried out two promotional activities in the first quarter of 2012.
  • Ray’s Fish & Chips carried out the least number of promotional activities which was to give a free drink in March.

Synthesis (linking between stimuli)
  • Ken Burger’s sales increased when they carried out promotional activities in January (free drinks) and April (gift voucher) whereas sales dipped when no promotions were carried out.
  • Similarly, Maria Pizza’s sales also increased in February and March due to the two promotional activities they held during that period.
  • Ray’s Fish & Chips had poor sales throughout the first quarter as they rarely had promotional activities.
  • Furthermore, Ray’s Fish & Chips only offered a free drink in March and this resulted in only a slight increase in sales.

  1. Conclusion
In conclusion, attractive promotional activities organized by fast food outlets can positively affect their sales.
In conclusion, fast food outlets sales are boosted when they carry out promotional activities which are attractive to customers such as offering gift vouchers or discounts.

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