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Language Skills Acquisition (ELSA) – (Unofficial)

Everyone is talking about the assessment of English Language for form 3 students and there are rumours about the format of assessment which will be implemented once it is endorsed by the ministry. A few days ago(18th mac 2014)  the Minister of Education announced that beginning this year form 3 students will be going through school based assessment called Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 or PT3. The announcement indicated  that students will be tested in the area of Listening and Speaking Skills. So there is no doubt that English Language Skills Aquisition will be used as a form of assessment this year . Below is brief information about what is ELSA all about. Please be  informed that this is not  an official information yet and the Ministry has yet to announce the implementation of this testing element. Of course  a lot of people are talking about it especially those in JPN. For the benefit of form 3 students below is an unofficial information about  ELSA  shared by my friends and colleagues. Hopefully you find it useful.

Pentaksiran Pusat Menengah Rendah 2014
Bahasa Inggeris

Known as English Language Skills Acquisition (ELSA)
Three papers:
ELSA 1 - Paper 1 (Reading and Writing)
ELSA 2 - Paper 2 (Speaking)
ELSA 3 - Paper 3 (Listening)

Paper 1 (Reading and Writing)

Consists of 4 sections
-Section A – Error identification of a text
-Identify and edit grammatical errors in a short written text

Section B – Comprehension
-Non-linear text of about 150 – 200 words
-Short response answers

Section C – Comprehension
-Linear text of about 300 words

Section D – Writing
-Two parts – Short and long writing tasks
-Short writing task in about 100 words
-Write in response to a stimulus
-Long writing tasks in about 150 – 200 words
-Based on a given stimulus in the form of recount, speech, article, letter, etc.

Total marks
Section A – 20 marks
Section B – 20 marks
Section C – 15 marks
Section D – 45 marks (15 from short task, 30 from long task)

Duration – 2 hours

-Knowledge of language system
-Information processing skills
-Language application skills
-Language creativity

Scoring methods:

Paper 2 (Speaking)

Consists of 2 sections

Section A – Reading Aloud
-Students will read from a contextualised reading text (about 200 words).

Section B – Spoken Interaction
-Students will engage in interactions with two assessors (1 from school, 1 from outside of the school).

Total marks
Section A – 10 marks
Section B – 20 marks

Duration – 10 minutes for each candidate, will take place in several sessions for groups of students.

-Oral reading skills
-Communication skills

Scoring methods:

Paper 3 (Listening)

Consists of 4 sections

Section A – Multiple-Choice Questions
-Listen to recorded text twice
-3-option or 4-option MCQ

Section B – Limited Response
-Listen to extended recorded texts twice
-10 limited response questions

Total marks
Section A – 10 marks
Section B – 10 marks

Duration – 30 minutes

-Listening comprehension
-Information processing skills

Scoring methods:


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Lembaga Peperiksaan just uploaded Sample Instrument for ELSA.
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