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Compilation of Past Muet Speaking Questions Theme : Social Issues

9. Theme : Social Issues / Problems Among Youths
The incidence of students found smoking in school or colleges has been on the increase. Suggest ways to discourage smoking among students
A. Your suggestion is to organize a talk on the dangers of smoking. You may want to discuss the benefits of this talk. Suggest suitable speakers, date, time and venue. B. Your suggestion is to organize an exhibition on the dangers of smoking. You may suggest the duration of the exhibition, venue and the kind of exhibits to be displayed. C. Your suggestion is to organize a visit to the National Cancer Centre nearby. You may want to talk about how you can organize the trip, e.g. who should attend, how to go, and the teachers to accompany the students. D. Your suggestions is to enforce the ‘No Smoking’ in School’ rule. You may want to talk about how this can be done, e.g. putting up posters, school rules and regulations and punishment for offenders. (In your group, discuss why students pick up the habit of smoking. Suggest ways to discourage this habit.)
Your school or college would like to form a support group for students to voice their concern about issues that affect them. You would like to give your opinion.
A. You feel that examination pressure is one of the issues that affects students today. Give reasons to support your opinion. B.  Peer pressure C. Family expectations D. Too many assignments (In your group, discuss which one of the following issues is of greatest concern to students today)
In a counselling workshop, the counsellor asks the group to discuss incidents or situations which would upset them. Share your feelings on this topic.
A. You feel that being cheated by a close friend would upset you. Elaborate. B. Failing an important subject C. Being separated from your family D. Losing something precious (Discuss which of the following would most upset you most)
There seems to be a sudden increase in the number of social problems involving young people. The Disciplinary Board has invited a group of you to identify what are some of the serious problems that need attention.
A. In your opinion, smoking is a serious problem. Why do you say this? B. Gangsterism in school C. Drug abuse D. Stealing (Which one of the following is the most serious problem involving young people?)
As members of the Counselling Club, you and your friends are concerned about the increase in teenage problems. What do you think are some of these problems?
A. In your opinion, one of these could be examination-related problems. Give reasons to support your opinion. B. Relationship problems. C. A lack of self-confidence. D. Peer influence. (Discuss which of the following suggestions is the most serious problem among teenagers)
The Youth Group of your community has invited you to talk on what the main cause of social problems among young people is.
A. In your opinion, the easy availability of pornographic materials is the root cause of social problems among young people. Give reasons to support what you say. B. The influence of certain types of music C. Lack of parental guidance D. Peer pressure (Which one of the following is the root cause of social problems among young people?)
Indiscipline in schools has been featured regularly in the newspapers. In a class discussion, you are asked to give your opinion on how to overcome the problem.
A. You suggest that parents should play a bigger role in instilling discipline. Explain how this will help students. B. All teachers should play the role of counsellors. C. Greater emphasis should be placed on moral and religious education.  D. More healthy activities should be organized. (Discuss which one of the following suggestions would be most effective in overcoming disciplinary problems in schools)
As members of the Peer Support Group of your school or college, you and your friends are concerned about the high level of stress and anxiety faced by students. Suggest some possible causes for this problem.
A.  You believe a major cause of stress is the expectations of parents. Give reasons to support your opinion. B. The expectations of teachers C. Peer pressure D. Personal problems (Discuss which one of the following factors contributes most to stress and anxiety among students)[ 17.10]
Young people often have stress or tension in their lives. Recommend ways in which youths can reduce stress or tension.  
A. you recommend talking to friends. Give reasons. B. Exercising regularly C. Getting involved in social work D. Watching television (Which of the following would be most helpful to reduce stress or tension?) [17.9]
Today, an increasing number of students are under stress at school and at college level. Suggest programmes that the school or college should carry out to help students manage stress.
A. Your suggestion is for the school or college to have sports and fitness programmes made available to the students. You may also want to talk about the types of facilities that should be made available. B. Your suggestion is for the school or college to offer counselling programmes. You may want to talk about how these programmes should be conducted and how the programmes can help reduce stress. C. Your suggestion is for the school or college to introduce time management courses to show students how to manage their time efficiently. D. Your suggestion is for the school or college to organize music and drama as forms of relaxation. You may want to talk about how these activities can help reduce stress among students. (In your group, discuss the factors that contribute to stress among students and the importance of managing stress.) [17.16]
In an open discussion, you are invited to talk about the reasons why young people smoke.
A. Young people smoke because they are influenced by their peers. Explain. B. They are unable to cope with stress C. They think it is fashionable to smoke D. They are influenced by advertisements (Discuss which of the following most influences young people to smoke.)
Your Youth Club is conducting a forum on the topic “Mobile phones should be banned in schools.” You have been invited to present your views.
A. You think that mobile phones should be banned because they are easily stolen. Support your view with reasons and examples. B. Mobile Phones can be used to cheat during examinations C. Students who do not have mobile phones may feel inferior to those who do D. Students may be distracted from their lessons (Which of the following is the strongest reason to ban mobile phones in schools) [20.10]
Bullying in schools is becoming very common nowadays. A television reporter comes to your school or college to find out students’ opinions on this disturbing trend.
A. Your opinion is that school rules are not strictly enforced. Give reasons to support your views B. Parents do not take any interest in their children’s activities C. School bullies are influenced by their friends D. School bullies are influenced by violent movies or computer games (Discuss which one of the following reasons is the main cause of bullying in schools)
The newspapers have highlighted incidents of bullying in schools lately. As a member of the Students’ Council, suggest how his problem can be controlled.
A. You suggest that the authorities should introduce more severe punishments. Elaborate. B. Schools should identify problem students and counsel them C. Students should attend character-building programmes D. Parents should give guidance to their children (Which of the following suggestions would he most effective in controlling the problem of bullying?)
Everyone has problems. Sharing your problem with someone helps to lighten the burden. Suggest a person with whom you might want to share your problem.
A. You suggest confiding in your best friend. Say why you have made this choice. B. Your siblings C. Your parents D. Your teachers. (When you have a problem, who is the best person or persons to confide in?)
Reports of school bullying in the newspapers indicate that such incidents are on the rise. Give reasons to explain this increase.
A. You believe that one reason is peer influence. Explain. B. Difficulty in monitoring students. C. Influence of the media D. Problems faced by students. (Discuss which of the following is the main reason for the increase in incidents of school bullying.)
Secondary school students often absent themselves from school without a good reason. Schools have taken some measures to try to solve this problem.
A. Public caning is one to the measures taken. Give your opinion about this measure. Say why you think this is a good or bad way to solve the problem. B.  Detention class is one of the measures taken. C. Counselling is one of the measures taken. D. Getting parents involved in disciplining their children is one of the measures. (In your group, discuss why students are often absent from school)
Young people are spending too much time in front of the computer. As a counsellor, identify the consequences of computer addiction.
A. One consequence is that a lot of time is wasted. Elaborate. B. A lot of money is spend C. Youths become less sociable D. Youths develop health problems (Which of the following is the most serious consequence of computer addiction?) [14.15]
The local newspapers have recently been highlighting the problem of moral decline among young Malaysians. Discuss possible reasons for this problem.
A. You think that the lack of parental guidance is a reason. Explain. B. Unsuitable material from the internet. C. Peer influence D. The influence of television programmes (Which of the following is the main reason for moral decline among young Malaysians?)
Electronic media such as the mobile phone, computer and electronic games has an impact on young people of today. What aspects of their lives are affected?
A. Electronic media can affect the study habits of youths. Elaborate. B. Daily habits C. Social relationships D.  World view (Discuss which aspect of a young person’s life is most affected by the electronic media.) [1.8]
What factors can influence a student’s academic performance?
A.  Study habits B. Sleeping habits C. Leisure activities D. Network of friends (Which of the following has the greatest impact on a student’s academic performance?) [20.24]

Credits to Naomi Jambunathan- Sarawak

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