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1                     Which lines in stanza 1 tell you that the flautist plays the flute beautifully?

“Uncovered by ………….depth of my heart”
2                     In the second stanza, what does the word deserted mean?

Empty / abandoned / neglected / vacant

3                     In the second stanza, why are the rice fields deserted?

The farmers have left the fields for the city / better income jobs away from the village.

4                     In your own words, explain the meaning of the last stanza.
The persona is feeling anxious because there are political and economical problems in her city and she feels the world is changing for the worst.

5                     From stanza 1, what does the persona want to hear?
The flautist’s song / flute music. / The flautist playing his flute.

6                     In stanza 2, what does the word here refer to?
The city / town / persona’s place

7                     In stanza 3, why does the persona feel guilty for thinking about her beloved?
She feels guilty because at present people around her are suffering.

8                     Suggest two things you would do to stop the world from bleeding.
Spread the message of peace, tolerance and living in harmony

Learn to appreciate what life has offered and be happy with it.

9                     How is the rice field?
Sick / unhealthy / infertile / neglected

10                 State two activities that ‘I’ consider luxuries.

i.                     Spend time watching the rain / gazing at the evening rays
ii.                  Collecting dew drops/ Enjoying the fragrance of flowers

11                 Why do you the persona’s conscience is disturbed?  Give reasons for your answer.

Thinking of the flautist while feeling worried about the troubled with the situation around her.

12                 What musical instrument is the poet’s friend playing?

A flute

13                 Describe the village.

It is empty has people have left for the city.
14                 Who feels guilty?
The persona
15                 While here it has become a luxury!
To spend time watching the rain
Why do you think the persona says it is a luxury to spend time watching rain?  Give reasons for your answer.

Life in the city is so busy that one has no time for simple pleasures and there are other problems to worry about.

16                 Why does the persona ask if the flute player is still playing his flute?

She does not know if he is still in the village enjoying his favourite pastime.

17                 How does she feel about his music?

Nostalgic / desirous / wishful

18                 Write down the line which shows that the persona thinks highly of his music.

To the depth of my heart

19                 In your own words,
i.                     What kind of a person do you think is the flute player?
Passionate / Obsessed / An introvert / A sequester

ii.                   Have you been involved in a similar passion over any interest or hobby? Provide explanation.

20                 Identify two words used to describe the village.

Quiet and deserted

21                 What has happened to the village?

It is deserted as the people have left for better jobs.

22                 In stanza 2, what does the words here refers to?

The city / town / persona’s place
23                 In your own words,
i.                     What do you of the things the persona consider luxuries?
Rain, sunset (evening rays) / dew / fragrance of flowers

ii.                   What would you enjoy doing for pleasure?

24                 Why does the poet feel guilty?
To be longing for the flautist’s song

25                 What musical instrument does the poet’s love play?
26                 How is the situation in the village?
Quite bad as it is empty because the villagers have left the village for better jobs and conditions.

27                 Why do think the poet is surprised that the flautist is still playing his flute?  Give reasons for your answer.
She thinks that he is undisturbed with the turmoil in the nation and the world.

28                 Why is the village so quiet and deserted?

The villagers have left the village for better jobs and conditions.

29                 Which phrase in stanza 1 implies how much the music affected the poet?

To the depth of my heart

30                 What does the poet mean by using the words concealed and uncovered to describe the music?

It means that the melody is in the bamboo and will only be heard when the flautist plays the flute. 

31                 What could the poem be about?

It is about upholding values, accepting changes in life and appreciating simple pleasures of life.

32                 Describe ONE emotion the poet is feeling in the first stanza.
Guilty / nostalgic

33                 What does the phrase, slim hollow of the bamboo refer to?
The flute

34                 Describe a significant memory that you have.  Explain briefly why it is significant to you.


35                 Based on stanza 2, where do you think the persona is?
In the city

36                 Based on stanza 2, what is the contrast between the persona’s place and the flautist’s?
The flautist’s place is empty and deserted whereas the persona’s place is undergoing a turmoil [ political and economical crisis].

37                 Based on stanza 2, in the first line, what do you think the persona is feeling?
A sense of doubt / unsure / puzzled

38                 Based on stanza 1, which line reveals the intensity of the persona’s feelings?
To be longing for your song

39                 Based on stanza1, how does the persona feel about the flautist?

Longing / pining/yearning/passionate / love

40                 Based on stanza 1, which line (s) reveal (s) that the persona is struggling with her feelings?
Where there is hardly time for our love

41                 Based on stanza 1, describe the persona’s mood.
Sombre / solemn / Sad

42                 What is so distinctive about the melody from the flute?
It touches the depth of her heart

43                 Why is the rice field described as sick?
It has been neglected so it is no longer productive and fertile.

44                 What is the meaning of the metaphor ‘slaughtered mercilessly’?
People are no longer tolerant of each other and people are being killed cruelly.

45                 What kind of feeling is expressed by the persona in the poem?
A sense of sadness, hopelessness, despair and misery

46                 Why does the persona feel guilty?
To be longing for the flautist’s song.
47                 Why is the persona’s conscience disturbed?
She is worried about the present situation in her nation which is facing a crisis.

48                 In your opinion, does the persona feel depressed about this world?  Give your reasons.

49                 Based on stanza 2, how would you describe the person who seems to be very interested in his flute?
Idle / unaffected by the crisis / carefree / in his own world

50                 Write the two words that relate to how a flute is played?
Breath and fingers____________________________________________________________
51                 What do you think the persona feels about the other person’s obsession with playing the flute?  Using your own words, give a reason to support your answer.

52                 What is the main theme in the stanza above?
Upholding values, appreciating simple pleasures of life, accepting changes in life

53                 Write two words that are related to the condition of the village.
Quiet and deserted

54                 Where do you think the persona is?  Using your own words, give a reason to support your answer.
In the city because ….

55                 Who is playing the flute?
The flautist in the village / The persona’s love

56                 Why does the persona feel guilty?
To be longing for the flautist’s song

57                 Where does the melody originate from?
The bamboo / The slim hollow of the bamboo

58                 Which two lines best describe how a flute is played?
Uncovered by the breath of an artist & composed by his fingers

59                 Which word would you use to describe the persona’s village?   Name one.
Quiet / deserted

60                 What does the persona mean by ‘the sick rice field’?
The paddy fields are neglected so they are barren and unproductive.

61                 What are the evening rays referred to?

62                 Write two activities that are considered a luxury by the persona.
Spend time watching the rain / gazing at the evening rays
Collecting dew drops/ Enjoying the fragrance of flowers

63                 Why is the person still thinking of her beloved?
She has feelings for him. / She still loves him.

64                 Write two problems faced by the persona as mentioned in the stanza above.
Her brothers are unemployed and desperate / Her people are disunited by politics / Her friend is slaughtered mercilessly

65                 What is the tone used?  Give a reason for your answer.
Sad / Hopelessness / Despair / Anxious

66                 Where do you think the persona is likely to be?
In the city / town

67                 Where is the flautist playing his flute?
In the village

68                 What does the flute represent?

69                 Why is the phrase, ‘Are you still playing your flute?, repeated three times in the poem?  Using your own words, give reasons to support your answer.
To reinforce the emotion (wondering/puzzled) behind the question and create a dramatic effect

70                 In stanza 1, what poetic device does the first line above refer to?
Rhetorical question

71                 In stanza 1, what does line 2 tell us about the relationship between the persona and the flautist?
They loved each other when they were together.
72                 What is the persona guilty about?
To be longing for the flautist’s song.
73                 The poet used certain words to indicate where the melody is:
i.                     What are these words?
Concealed in the slim hollow of the bamboo

ii.                   Do you think they are suitable?  Why?
Yes, because the flute is played by blowing into hollow of the bamboo and melody is created by the fingers.

74                 In stanza 1, why does the persona feel guilty listening to music of the flautist?
She is very busy and also her nation is undergoing a crisis.

75                 Why is enjoying the fragrance of flowers regarded as a luxury by the persona in stanza 2?
In the city, one can be very busy in the rat race that they have no time to even appreciate the flowers growing around them.

76                 Give one problem the nation is undergoing.
Political crisis / Economical crisis / Disharmony

77                 Explain in your own words why the persona feels her world is too old and bleeding.
The world is changing for the worst and non-renewable resources cannot be replenished.

78                 What do you think the ‘flute’ represents?

79                 What do you think the phrase, ‘the world is too old and bleeding’ represents?
The world is changing for the worst and non-renewable resources cannot be replenished.

80                 Suggest a reason why the persona cannot forget the music from the flute?
The music must have been beautiful and special that it has embedded in her heart.

81                 Do you think the persona has made the right decision in leaving the village?  Give a reason.
Yes, ……
No, …….

82                 What is it like in the village?
Quiet and empty

83                 What does the word sick imply about the rice field?
Barren / Unproductive / Infertile / Neglected
84                 What are the luxuries mentioned by the poet?  State two of them.
Spend time watching the rain / gazing at the evening rays
Collecting dew drops/ Enjoying the fragrance of flowers

85                 Do you like to live in the village?  Give reasons to your answer.
No, …..

86                 In the last stanza, what is the persona’s feeling when she remembers the flautist?
Guilty / Remorseful /

87                 Why is there disunity among the citizens of the country?
They lack tolerance and understanding.

88                 What happened to the persona’s friend?
Killed cruelly

89                 What do you think the last line of the stanza mean?
The world is changing for the worst.

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