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MPM Reports on Candidates' Performance 2011

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MUET Question 2

1. Choose a modern invention and give three reasons why young people cannot survive without it. You should write at least 350 words.

There are many modern inventions and the one that has impacted young people most is computer. Almost every household has at least one computer.

- the ability to surf internet
- the ability to chat online
- the ability to do word processing

It cannot be denied that computers hace become an essential item in the livers of your people because of many functions.

2. The increasing number of youths responsible for the negative activities is alarming. Some people feel that teenagers are pressured and influenced by their friends. Others feels that teenagers nowadays are given too much freedom, What do you think?

The increase number of youths responsible foe negative activities is alarming. This could be due to peer pressure or insufficient guidance.

-          Give examples of cases of bullying and gangsterism in school.
-          Explain peer pressure and lack of parental guidance.
-          Explain excessive freedom and a lack of discipline.
-          Suggest ways to correct errant youths.
-          Suggest ways to prevent negative activities.

Youths are subjected to peer pressure and this often leads them to commit negative acts. Parents who do not discipline or guide their children also contribute to young people’s negative behaviour. It is therefore important to take steps to prevent such negative behaviour and provide corrective measures.

3. Some people thing working from home is more effective than working at the office. Give your opinion.

As our society pregresses, we enjoy a higher quality of life and better working conditions. The public seem to develop new working arrangement: working at home and working at the office. These working arrangements help the workforce to have better options.

- Employees are not happy with the way the employers treat them – not enough allowances, poor leave benefits, unfair bosses.
- Working at home – serve difference employers
- Determine the ampunt of work you can do during the day.
- Determine the conditions you work in- when to go on holidays and even when to be on duty.
- More self motivated and work even more and the productivity of your work will be more
- Internet’s vast resources – offer data entry services for a fee , write articles for people and they pay you
- Work at your own pace provided you reach your deadlines
- Take your own breaks- more control over working life and freedom from the strictures of traditional offices.
- No worries about office politics- gossips of chit chats
- More control and choice over what work you do, the way that you do ot and when you do it when you work at home.
- Do not waste time commuting- more time with family, save money on travel costs, lunches and impulse buys.

In conclusion, both working arrangements have their own strengths and weaknesses. The working arrangement for an individual is dependent on one’s working preferences.

4.Snatch thefts cause fear and can be prevented. Discuss.

The increasing number of snatch thefts drives fear into the heart of many. Of late we have read numerous reports of snatch thefts both in the urban and rural areas. However the frequency of snatch thefts in bigge5r cities seems to be at an all time high.


-          The possible reasons behind the increase in snatch theft: poor security measures, unemployment, lack of awareness,careless display of valuable items.
-          Places where people succumb to snatch theft: dark lanes, broad daylight, car parks.
-          Consequences of snatch thefts : injuries, death loss of valuable items and documents, inconvenience.
-          Way to prevent snatch thefts: avoid walking alone, refrain from displaying valuable items, avoid carrying large sum of money,be wary when withdraw money from ATM, police should increase surveillance and security measures

With the number of snatch thefts rising especially in big cities, it is prudent that we take precautions to protect ourselves and to avoid becoming victims of such heinous acts.

5.There are more female than male undergraduates inn most universities these days. Discuss.


There are more female than male undergraduates in most universities these days. This is particularly so in public universities. No documented research has been done on this phenomenon but there are several possible reasons. Some politicians have come up with suggestions to encourage more males to enroll into universities but so far no constructive plans have been carried out.

-          Comment on the trend of secondary school top scorers based on gender
-          Comment on the trend of enrolment into Science and Arts discipline according to gender.
-          Research has shown that females mature earlier than males. This could have accounted for females being more academically inclined than males
-          Research has shown that learning skills differ between males and females. In an education system that favours rote learning, it would seem that females perform better.
-          Politician have voiced out their concern about the gender imbalance. Suggestions such as lowering the entry level qualifications for males to enter universities have met with strong disapproval.
-          To address this gender imbalance issue, it would be good if the education system is revamped and all students regardless of gender be encouraged to reach their full potential.

The gender imbalance of undergraduates particularly in public universities is a cause of concern, Unless steps are taken to rectify  the situation, there will be both economic and social implications.

Questions and answers derived from Modul Pentaksiran MUET, Penerbit ILMU BAKTI, Koh Soo Ling and Wayne Weng Hang.

6. The rising number of illegal immigrant to this country has posed problem to the country. How will this affect the society and what steps should be taken to curb this situation? Give your opinion.


Possible problems :
- Political problems may arise when illegal immigrants get involved in local politics.
- Social problems like thefts and prostitutions.
- Locals feel threathened by the presence of illegals.
- The increase of squatter houses.
- Schooling problems for children of illegal immigrants.
- Shortage of jobs for the locals.
- The use of benefits and subsidies meant for locals.

Steps to curb this situations
- Stricter police surveillance
- More stringent immigration control
- Heavier penalties on hiring illegal immigrants.

The rising number of illegal immigrants to this country has brought about political, economic and social problems. Unless tighter laws, are enforced the number of illegal immigrants will continue to rise.

7. Some people feel that student nowadays lack creative thinking skills. Give your opinion.

. Some people feel that student nowadays lack creative thinking skills This could be due to rote learning and attitude problems

-Define creative thinking skills.
-Explain rote learning. Students memorise facts rather than engage in critical thinking.
-Explain the need to think creatively in this globalised world.
-The easy assessibility of tuition class and reference materials has resulted in an attitude problems. Students expect information to be given to them instead of seaching for information themselves.
-Suggest ways to encourage creative thinking.

The lack of creative thinking skills is attributed to rote learning and an attitude problem. Students should be encouraged to think creatively by themselves as to be able to compete more effectively in this globalised world.

8. The present method of assessing students’ progress in school is exam-based. Efforts are underway to introduce more on-going assignments and projects. Do you think this is a more effective way of assessing students’ progress?

Like many Asian countries, school in Malaysia practice an exam-based system. However, this scenario is about to change as plans are underwaaaaay to incorporate more holistic assessment methods.

- An exam based system of assessment encourages rote learning which is memorasing facts.
- Students are overly concerned with memorizing facts and regurgitating them during examinations.
- An exam based system favours those who have good memory skills.
- A combination of both exams and on-going assessments would portray a more holistic picture of a student’s progress.
- On going assessment like project work and group work encourage team spirit and creativity.

An exam based system of assessment does not take into account the holistic achievement of a student. A combination of both exams and on going assessment would be a better option.

9. You wish to contribute an article entitled ‘The advantages of having a fixed number of subjects for public examinations for a student’ to a local magazine.

Of late there seems to be a trend where students take many subjects for public exams. This defeats the purpose of wholesome education as students should  take only fixed number of subjects recommended by the examination board.

-          Students will be involved on their studies of they take too many subjects that they may not have time for extra curricular activities.
-          Students will try to outdo one another by taking many subjects and this will result in unhealthy competition.
-          If examination board ensues that student take only a fixed number of subjectsmstudents will have time to develop other interests and skills.
-          There will be less expenditure if students take only a fixed number of subjects.

Public exams are standardized and act as a benchmark for academic progress. Taking too many subjects for public exams will prevent students form pursuing other interests. It will also lead to unhealthy competitive behaviour among students who will try to outdo each other by taking as many subjects as possible.

Derived from MUET Model Test, Penerbit Fajar Bakti, Koh Soo Ling.