Sunday, May 12, 2013

SPM Essay : Colours

1. Essay question: Colours

1.1 P1- My self (write on your own)

1.2 P2-My school - I am a form 5 student at SMK Jaya. SMK Jaya is a great school. My school is one of the best schools in Penang. Many students are smart and hardworking. Every year, all students will pass the PMR and SPM examinations. There will be so many students who would get all As in the examination. My school is not that big. There are three classes for every form. The classes are named based on three colours which are Red, Blue and Green. All the clever students are in the Red class. The average students are in the Blue class and the weak students are put in the Green class.

1.3 P3- When I was in form 2, I was in the Green class. Most of the students were naughty. They liked to make a lot of noise. They did not like to read books. (add 3 more negative behaviors in class). I did not like the class at all. I wanted to get out of the Green class. Therefore, I studied hard for my final examination.

1.4 P4- When I was in Form 3, I moved to the Blue class. The Principal changed me to the Blue class because my examination result improved. In Class 3 Blue, I met new friends. (write about 4 new friends and their characters).

1.5 P5-Last year, when I was in Form 4, I joined the students in 4 Red. I was very happy. I wanted to be like Ray, the best student in school. I studied hard days and nights. I paid one hundred percent attention in class. (add 4 more positive actions taken to get ready for examination). At the end of 2011, I scored 5As and 4B+ in my Final Examination. I was very happy.

1.6 P6- Now, I am in Class 5 Red. I will make sure I study hard because I do not want to be in 5 Blue or
5 Green. I Like Blue and Green but I love my colour, Red.

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