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Directed Writing: Speech/Talk

Good Morning to the Principal, teachers and students. I am Siti Nur Hanisah bt Mohamad Yazid, the president of the School Safety Club. This morning, I wish to talk to you about ‘Personal Safety – To, From and In School’.

Remember you will be safe when coming to school or returning from school if you move around in pairs or groups. There is always safety in numbers. When you are in a group, you will not be likely fall victim to criminals. If you are alone, it is safer to use the bus instead of the taxi. There are more people on the bus and you will be safe in company.

If you notice suspicious strangers anywhere, do not hesitate to report them to the school authorities. You will be able to save yourself or other young people from harm. After school, do not loiter around. Return home immediately after school. Your home is the safest place for you.

If you have to return home late, use brightly lit streets and avoid dark, lonely lanes. Many young people fall prey to snatch thieves and rapists in lanes which are hardly used. Most importantly, if something crops up in school and you are forced to return home late, inform your parents. In this way your parents can be on the lookout for you.

The school can also be a dangerous place if you do not take necessary precautions. If you have to leave the classroom to visit the toilet or for any reason, ask the teacher for permission. If the teacher is not in class and you have to leave in an emergency, inform a classmate before you get out of class. Let at least one person know of your whereabouts.

Another important piece of advice to follow all rules, regulations and instructions. These are safety measures and if you follow them you will be safe. Also avoid empty classrooms and dark corners. Danger always lurks in these places. If for some reason your parents are late in picking you up from school, wait near the guardhouse. You can be sure there will be people there at all times.

I hope you are convinced that there are many threats to your personal safety. Do pay heed to all that I have told you and follow the steps I have outlined to you. Remember we want you to be safe at all times.

Thank you.

Directed Writing: Letter - Reply

Your cousin has just been offered a place in Form 6. However, he has also been offered a factory job at a monthly salary of RM800. His family is not rich. He writes to you to ask for your opinion, as he has always loved and respected you.

Write a letter to him, giving your opinion. You should base your letter on the points given above, adding any other information or ideas of your own.

When writing this letter, you should remember that:

· you are writing to your cousin, who loves you

· your cousin is worried

· you have to use the proper letter format

· you should write grammatical sentences

Reasons for Leaving School

Reasons For Doing Form 6

Afraid to fail Form 6

Job offer

Family not very well off

Tired of studying

Family can still afford to support him Quite a good student

Opportunity to enter university Better job prospects with STPM


Even though this is an informal letter, you have to write full grammatical sentences. Include all the points given, elaborating on them. Use a warm tone and express love and concern.

Sample Answer:

21,Jalan SS4/17,

47301 Petaling Jaya,

2 APRIL 2012.

Dear Ibtisam,

It is great to hear from you after such a long time. Please send my regards to your family. Regarding your job offer, I have thought about it and here are a few points I would like to add to yours.

According to you, there are two reasons for taking up the job offer. Firstly, you family could use the extra income as you all are not very well off. You could then contribute instead of being a burden to them.

Secondly, you stated that you were afraid of failing Form 6, which is acknowledged by some students as the hardest exam in the world. If you do fail, you will have wasted two years in Form 6. Furthermore, you are tired of studying and decide that you want to start working.

There are, however, a few good reasons why you should continue your studies. Your family can actually still afford to support you as Form 6 is not very expensive. Besides, I am sure that your father would like to see you complete your studies as you have always been quite a good student.

If you do well in your Form 6, you will then be able to enter university. This will open up a lot of good job prospects for you. Even with just STPM qualification, you can still earn a higher wage. This will eventually be worth more than your two years’ working experience, that is if you decide to start working now.

Therefore, in conclusion, I would advise you to do form 6 if you feel confident in yourself and if your family agrees to support you. If you decide to go for it, make sure you do your best.

Your cousin,


Directed Writing: Letter - Reply

Dear Aileen,

Thank you for your letter which I received two weeks ago. I am glad to know that you are in good health.

In your letter, you asked me to look for a college which offers a computing course. Well, I went around to several renowned colleges in Kuala Lumpur and asked for information on the computing courses offered. I also discussed the matter with several friends who are doing similar courses and they, too, agree that you should take up the Diploma in Computing Course at Hidayah College.

Hidayah College has a proven track-record. The students from Hidayah College re highly sought after as they are knowledgeable, skilled and reliable. Moreover, the duration of this course is only 10 months. This means you will be able to finish faster and join the workforce much sooner. I know this is important to you as you want to lighten your parents’ burden, more so since your father is going to retire soon. Furthermore, the college promises that you will get a job once you complete the course.

Another reason why you should take up the course at this college is the low fee if RM 3 500 which is payable in two installments. The other colleges charge between Rm 5 000- Rm 8 000 for similar courses and the payments must be made upon enrolment. I know that you would definitely prefer to pay in two installments so as not to tax your parents too much.

In addition, Hidayah College is well-equipped. The lecture rooms are air-conditioned and the library is well-equipped. You will be able to study in comfort and need not go to other libraries to source for reference materials. Moreover, the lecturers are experienced. Most importantly, the college allows free use of computers. This means that you need not buy a computer and so you can cut down on expenses. Another way you can cut down on costs is by staying in the hostels provided by the college. Living in Kuala Lumpur can be very difficult especially for those on a tight budget as food and housing costs are very expensive. The college charges reasonable rates for the hostel and I know that you can get cheap food in that vicinity. Finally, the college promises scholarships to its top students who wish to pursue a degree course. With your diligence and determination, I am sure that you will be one of the recipients of this scholarship award.

I have no doubts that this college is suitable for you. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to call.

Till I hear from you, take care

Your friend

Anuar Mahalil

Directed Writing: Letter to the editor

Nizam Adzhar bin Chalmen,

36 Jalan TR15/33,

Taman Fazreena,

45100 Pernas

The Editor

Morning Star,

23 Jalan Iman,

45100 PERNAS 14 February 2012

Dear Madam,

Proximity of Shopping Complex to school

I wish to express my concerns regarding the location of the mega shopping complex that is taking shape around SMK Tasik Fazreena. SMK Tasik Fazreena is a good school and the discipline of the students is very good. However, things may change soon.

2. I believe that truancy is going to be a major problem because the shooping complex is less than 100 metres from the entrance of the school. Students are going to be attracted to the exciting activities happening at the shopping complex. They will start missing classes.

3. Students will also waste a lot of time loitering I the shopping complex. Even if they do not miss school, they will go there after school instead of going home or to extra-curricular activities.

4. Another social problem that will be created is that of young students mixing with bad company. We know that many drug pushers, addicts and gangsters, hang out at shopping complexes, waiting for victims. Innocent teenagers may start mixing with bad company and get involved in unhealthy habits or even criminal activities.

5. A disadvantage of having a shopping complex so close to the school is that children will be attracted to it and get into the habit of frequenting the shops. Parents may not be able to control their children’s spending.

6. Another problem that may arise is the disruption of teaching and learning. The loud music and promotional activities that are held frequently in shopping malls will infiltrate the school and capture the attention of the young and impressionable students.

7. Finally, the roads around SMK Tasik Fazreena are going to be congested. As it is now, there is already traffic congestion before and after school hours. With the opening of the complex, the volume of traffic is definitely going to increase.

These are some of the problems that we, the teachers and students of SMK Tasik Fazreena, anticipate. I hope the authorities concerned will take appropriate steps to overcome the problems mentioned.

Thank you.

(Nizam Adzhar bin Chalmen)

Directed Writing: Letter of Complaint

Chia Meng Hui,

SMK Kayu Ara Pasong,

82010 Pontian,


En Ramlan bin Parmin,


SMK Kayu Ara Pasong,

82010 Pontian,

JOHOR 27 March 2012

Dear Sir,

Poor Quality of Food and Services at School Canteen

As Head of the Canteen Prefects, I wish to complain about the poor quality of food and services by our school canteen.

2. First of all, there are several complaints about the lack of variety in food. The menu is the same every day. As a result, students get bored of the same food. Students also say that the food served is tasteless and cold. Food should be cooked and served piping hot. In addition, the food sold is unhealthy. At times it is oily and at other times it is too salty. In the long run our health will suffer as we may end up with high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Something needs to be done about this situation.

3. I have also noticed that the food prepared is unhygienic conditions. Most of the time cooked food is left uncovered and the vegetables are washed on the dirty floor. Recently many students have fallen ill with food poisoning.

4. Quite often the cutlery, that the workers say has been washed, is oily. This simply proves that the cutlery is not washed properly.

5. Several students have complained that the canteen workers are rude. They bark at the students for no rhyme or reason. In addition, the workers are careless when returning the change. Students are often short-changed. This must stop.

6. Another criticism I have against the workers is that they are not properly dressed. When handling food, workers are required to wear aprons, caps and gloves to ensure cleanliness is maintained at all times.

We hope that the school administration will attend to our complaints and take necessary action a soon as possible. Thank you.

Yours faithfully

(Chia Meng Hui)

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