Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm surprised with   MUET July 2012 results especially PAPER  800/4 not due to irregularities or problems with the questions  but  how the paper is marked. Based from the results gathered from various parts of Sabah, most candidates failed to  obtain impressive marks for this paper. Not known  they lacked in which part of the questions but marks awarded seemed to be unusually low. I wonder how on earth a candidate who is expected to score  a Band 5  could only get 33 out of 90 marks in Writing Component. Question 1 is  said to be  rather confusing  compared to March's test but i beg to differ.  The question and stimuli were very direct. It reminds me of Muet Mid Year 2010  about a bar graph depicting the number of visitors to 3 Music websites namely Music Network,Music Connect and Era Music and types of promotional activities.The nature of the question i mentioned just now  is similar to the question asked  in July 2012 test.

For those who are sitting for the next MUET Test, be particularly careful and double check with your teachers or trainers regarding this matter. Perhaps  candidate failed to understand the requirement of the question and as a result, their answers did not fulfill the task required. and ideas elaborated not well linked to the question.

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