Thursday, June 28, 2012


Muet: Speaking Component

Test Specifications

Candidates are assessed on their ability to make individual presentations and to take part in group discussions on a wide range of contemporary issues.

Assessment will cover the following:

(i) accuracy

• using grammatically correct language
• using correct pronunciation, stress and intonation

(ii) fluency

• speaking with confidence and fluency

(iii) appropriacy

• using language appropriate for the intended purpose and audience
• using varied vocabulary and expressions
• using varied sentence structures
• observing conventions appropriate to a specific situation

(iv) coherence and cohesion
• developing and organising ideas
• using appropriate markers and linking devices
• using anaphora appropriately together with other cohesive devices

(v) use of language functions

• defining, describing, explaining
• comparing and contrasting
• classifying
• giving reasons
• giving opinions
• expressing relationships
• making suggestions and recommendations
• expressing agreement and disagreement
• seeking clarification
• asking for and giving information
• persuading
• drawing conclusions
• stating and justifying points of view
• presenting an argument

(vi) managing a discussion
• initiating
• turn-taking
• interrupting
• prompting
• negotiating
• closing

(vii) task fulfilment

• presenting relevant ideas
• providing adequate content
• showing a mature treatment of topic

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