Thursday, January 26, 2012

With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly.Do you agree?

Students should learn very much by using technology. It helps them very much in the future. As you know, nobody can prevent their capacity from many objects. People should support them as much as possible. If technology is useful, People should promote it to their education. There are a couple of reasons for the statement.

To begin with, to use technology will help students to understand what they learn. Students can understand a difficult theory easily by using technology. For example, students use computers when they solve a mathematic problem. The computers show 3D pictures to teach how to solve the problem. These pictures help them to depict the shape in their brain. As a result, they can easily understand the problem.

Also, students can cut down their waste of time. Students should use their limited time effectively. They need understand what they learn as soon as possible. Or they will not be able to follow the class. However, technology can support the students. For example, they can use internet. They search internet when they want to know something. The search is quick, and they can know a lot of information. They can use the saved time to their activities.

Moreover, students can be familiar to technologies which they use. They are useful even after they graduate from school. Using the technologies is meaningful in their school life. As mentioned above, internet is inevitable for everybody in the world. People use it in their office, of course. The skill of programming is also helpful. Not all of the students use the skill, but nobody can deny the person having the skill. Some students will live on the skill.

Therefore, technology is welcome for students to learn something. It helps them to understand deeply what they learn. Students can save their time, and they can use the technology throughout their life. Rather, we should declare that students use technology more and more.

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