Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today

It is difficult to succeed in the world. In many fields, people have already developed technologies and management. To win the competition, new comers should have a extremely good idea. Considering this fact, I suggest that people learn how to manage casinos. In some regions in the world, casinos are already popular. There is a possibility that they might be more popular in the future. There are a couple of reasons described in the following sentences.

The primary reason is that the prohibition of casinos will be removed. In Japan, this action is already performed. Casino is prohibited now becuase Japanese law says a casino is one of the gambles. However, some politicians of prefectures try to open casinos. They think that casinos can bring money to prefectures. Pachinkoes and horse races are legal. To bet officially in soccer games is already admitted, too. They think admitting casinos is no problem. Once Japanese laws change to admit to run casinos, people who know casino management will be attractive. They can earn a lot of money from casinos.

One more reason is that casino managers can make connections to rich people through casinos. People who play a casino and bet a lot of money are rich. They use their extra money to the games. The connection to them is important to succeed. Casino managers have chances to know the customers. They build up connections to them, and they use the connections to the different fields. For example, when they broaden their business, these connections will be useful. Even if people have money, it is not enough. They need supporters to back up the business. Their customers can be the supporters.

To sum up, the skill to manage casinos is useful to succeed It is a new business in some places. Casino managers can get relationship with rich people. Therefore, casino management will be successful in the world today.

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