Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Use specific reasons and detail

Money is important when we find a job; however, it is not the most. The thought means that the job getting more money is prior to other jobs having less money. I can not agree with the thought. I will write three reasons below why I disagree with the statement.

My primary reason is that the jobs a person is not interested in are boring for the person. People have their own interest. The best way to find a job is to visit companies you are interested in. For example, a person wants to work in a music company. However, he can work in another company by his connection. The company is not related to music, but he can earn more money. In this case, it is happy for him to work in the music company, because he wants to work there. We work everyday after we get in a company. We should select a company for the reason.

The next reason is that people get excited without getting so much money. When we succeed something, we are excited. We are also excited when we accomplish something. Money does not help us excited. Generally, people will work hard if they are excited. For example, anthropology does not produce so much money. The anthropologists work hard with a few amount of money. Whenever they get much money, they have to spend it to their study. The money they can use freely does not remain so much.

The final reason is that students study fields which do not produce much money. People go to universities, and they have many majors. Students select a field to graduate. The field relates to their future work as long as they do not change majors. If they want to get money after they graduate, they should select a field which will be successful to earn money. However, many students belong to majors which are not related to money. I trust that they know money is not the most important.

Considering above reasons, money is not the most important for a job. People should work what they are interested in. They also get excited without money. Moreover, students do not prepare for the future job for the aim of earning money. Other elements such as they love the job are also important as well as money.

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