Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awards and prizes are given for excellence in various fields. Do these awards and pizes serve a useful purpose?

Awards and prizes are useful to develop various fields. From the ancient time, people have given awards and prizes to excellences. If not, they would have stopped giving the awards already. In this essay, there are three reasons written for the benefits of awards.

Chiefly, people do their best to get awards and prizes. They can develop their utmost capacity. Shortly speaking, to get an award is the aim for the People. For example, many sport athletes try to win in anthe Olympic games. To get a gold medal is difficult as you know. In some countries, the gold medalists are heroes and heroines. The level of sports has become higher because of that. Another example is that scientists try to win Novel prize. Many scientists in the world want to win the prize. They struggle each other to develop the science. This prize is useful to enrich the level of science.

Next, awards and prizes attract people who do not have any relation to them. Usually, specialists decide the winners of awards. On the other hand, other people understand the excellence of the winners by looking at the awards. Grammy award is a good example. When people go to a theater, of course, they want to see a good movie. Suppose that the title says that this movie won a Grammy award last year. People will be attracted by the title. They will see the movie as a result.

Finally, unfamous people who are not famous can become famous in a short time. Some awards are extremely famous. If a person wins an excellent prize, he/she will be famous. Especially, the society of literary has such an inclination. They say that it is difficult to get a job for unfamous writers. However, it is a good chance for a talented writer to live in the field. To get stable work in the literary field, people try to win an award.

To sum up, awards and prizes are useful. People challenge to get awards, and people unknowing the fields understand the excellence of the winner. For talented people, to get an award is a good chance to get a job. Therefore, awards and prizes help to develop fields in our society.

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