Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mid-2010 MUET Exam - Writing Question 1 Information Transfer (Model Answer 1)

The chart shows the number of visits to 3 music websites namely, Music Network(MN), Music Connect(MC) and Era Music(EM) by teenagers in the month of August while the table shows the promotional activities of the websites during the same period.
Except for EM, which saw a consistent number of visits during the 4 weeks, the other 2 websites MN and MC witnessed significant changes in the frequency of visits.
The number of visits to MC fluctuated while MN experienced a gradual decrease in visits for the first 3 weeks followed by a sudden sharp rise during the last week of August.
The promotional activities had an impact on the frequency of visits to MN and MC but not much effect on EM. The only promotional activity ‘Name the Movie’ in Week 2 caused a nominal increase of about 2000 visits.
The MN website saw a gradual decrease from 40,000 visits in the first week of August to 22,000 in the second week to its lowest at 20,000 in the third week when no promotional activity was held. Week 4 witnessed a steep rise and a return to 40,000 visits as in Week 1. The promotional activity ‘Name the Singer’ seems to have had a negative effect that resulted/caused a drop while the absence of promotions in Week 3 caused a further drop, albeit slightly/a slight one.
MC saw drastic increases in visits in Week 2 and 4 due to the promotional activities ‘Free Music CD’ and ‘Free Concert Ticket’. The number of visits fluctuated from around 12000 in Week 1 to sharply rise to almost 35000 in Week 2 when free music CDs were distributed. As there was no promotion in Week 3 it dropped to around 28000. Free concert tickets offered by MC in Week 4 pushed the number of visits to rise drastically to more than 50000 by far the largest at any one time of any of the 3 websites.
EM which had only 1 promotion, ‘Name the Movie’ in Week 2 /The sole promotion of EM in Week 2, ‘Name the Movie’ did not elicit any significant response. From 10000 it rose to 12000 in Week 2, remained stagnant at Week 3 and returned to 10000 in Week 4.
Although MN had 3, which is the most number of promotional activities, it turned out second to MC which offered 2 freebies, in terms of attracting the highest number of visits. MN was most popular only in Week 1.
One unusual feature is that when no promotions were held in Week 3 the number of visits to MN and MC dropped, though MC remained the most visited and EM maintained status quo at 12000.
In conclusion, freebies offered made MC the most popular website while the most number of promotions reigned in MN as second and EM which had only one promotion attracted the least number of teenagers to its website.

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