Sunday, September 18, 2011


Which is more important for success: the natural ability you are born with or hard work? Explain your opinion, using specific reasons and examples.


Everybody knows both the natural ability and hard work are inevitable for success. However, if we need to choose the better, we should say the natural ability is more important. Unfortunately, we can not change our natural ability. The best we can do is that we pull it out in our life. In this essay, two reasons why the natural ability is chosen are stated.

Chiefly, brainy people can come up with a lot of excellent ideas. Not all of the people can propose a good idea. Imagine that you are going to solve a problem of mathematics. Some can solve it easily; on the other hand, others can not. There is a difference. The former can progress faster than the latter. They have an advantage in mathematics. Mathematics is an example of ideas. HoweverWhile, in the real society, we can propose the same matter in the real society. Business needs excellent ideas. It is competitive. People who do the same behaviors behave the same as others can not succeed. They have to tackle with new ideas which nobody have not come up with. Whether they get the idea or not is dependent on their natural ability.

Secondly, successful people have at least one good strong point. People need to bring into existence their strong point for their success. They do not need many, but need only oneonly one strong point. However, not all of the people can find thatit. It is important that they have ability to the point. If people not having the ability work hard, it is difficult to win because their ability is limited. Quite a few people are selected as successful people. If the successful people are many, there is possibility that people not having the ability can get in the group; however, itOur society is competitive for success. It is quite hard to succeed with only hard working for the people who do not have good ability.

As mentioned above, the natural ability is important for success. People who can come up with good ideas have a good advantage, and they can develop their strong point better than those who do not have the ability. We can declare that only hard working is not enough through the reasons.

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