Sunday, September 18, 2011


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Self-cofidence is the most important factor for success in school or at work. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


I agree with the statement that self-confidence is the most important for success. With self-confidence, we can succeed in school and business. Also, we alsocan enjoy our life. I describe three benefits which self-confidence gives us.

First, people who have leadership need self-confidence. In other words, shelf-confidence is necessaryinevitable to lead people. In school or business, there is an opportunity to work in a group. The work needs a person who leads other members. If all of the members are lack of self-confidence, the work will be failed. There is nobody who distributes the work, and summarizes it. Moreover, nobody will follow the person if he or she does not have self-confidence. He or sheSuch kind of people can not become a strong leader.

Second, people can do their best with self-confidence. Self-confidence is inexorable to pull one's best. For example, public speaking is hard for some people. They tend to think they cannot speak well in front of audience. The more they think so, the less they can speak. What they need in this situation is self-confidence. With the feeling, they do not care public speaking. They can speak fluently what they want afterwards.

Finally, people having self-confidence are hard to be depressed. In the modern life, many people tend to worry about their life. Some of them become depression. Some dDoctors say that this disease can be cured with self-confidence. The patients think they are worthless in the society. They also think if they commit a suicide, nobody cares. This inclination comes from lack of self-confidence. To cure the disease, they need to recover their self-confidence. Doctors say the pPatients need experience to accomplish something. Any accomplishment is O.K. For example, they try to travel all over the world by boarding a ship. Another example is that they train their body not to be defeated. They will achieve self-confidence through the experience.

To sum up, self-confidence is important for success. All of the people need the feeling to live. People having self-confidence can be a leader, do their best and hard to be depressed. They are worthy to live in our society. Therefore, sSelf-confidence is valuable for everybody.

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