Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sex Maniac knows no boundaries

School gardener paid girl RM1 for oral sex
KUANTAN: RM1 to perform oral sex. That was what a school gardener paid a 12-year-old girl on two occasions.
Both incidents allegedly took place in the girls' toilet in a school in Raub, said state deputy CID chief Supt Nordin Mustafa.
He said the gardener had on Oct 7 called the victim to go to the toilet at 10.30am.
Inside, the gardener allegedly dropped his pants and asked the girl to perform oral sex. He then gave her RM1.
On Oct 10, the gardener again called the girl into the toilet at 12.30pm.
After each incident, the gardener warned the girl not to tell anyone.
But the girl related the incidents to her teacher, who informed her parents. The gardener was arrested on Oct 14.
In a separate case, police are investigating the case of a 45-day-old baby boy who was referred to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (KLH) in critical condition with internal bleeding in the brain.
Supt Nordin said the baby’s mother had sent the boy to a babysitter on Oct 13 as she had to work at a nearby factory in Felda Jengka 9 in Maran.
When she picked up the boy several days later, the 45-year-old babysitter told her that the boy had fallen and hit his head on the side of a plastic basin as she was bathing him.
The woman said the boy again fell while she was feeding him.
Supt Nordin said the mother took the boy to the Temerloh district hospital when he had difficulty in breathing, and later to KLH.
Doctors found that there had been internal bleeding in the boy’s brain.
Supt Nordin said police would question the babysitter soon

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