Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Blunder. This time PMR!

I think the Malaysia Examination Syndicate has put Malaysia Education System into a Laughing Stock! The UPSR's problem has not been solved and come another headache!!
Just don;t know what the people there are really doing. I wonder. Then the Edu Minister was quoted as saying that the ministry was going to monitor the school teachers involved in formulated question as to not to leak the paper to their students. What? I remember the person who did it was a lecturer in a private institution? It has nothing to do with the teachers! I feel that the ministry has to go to the root of the problem and try find the solution. I hope his term as the EDU MINISTER will not be plaque with problems and in the end nothing was done to alleviate the matters.
Meeting in school today. Ha!! The boss has made it clear that the school will only be closed on the 10th October 2oo4. What can we say? There is nothing we can do about it as it is final and according to him the school calendar has already stated clearly when we suppose to have our holidays. End of the discussion. No point to start of argue, right? But pity to those Peninsular teachers who have reserved air tickets as early as 1st October! Then i guess they have to forgo
the tickets or let someone use it for it will be wasting their money just to let the tickets expire.
I strongly believe that the MOE has to do something drastic pertaining to our schooling period. As what some of the concerned parents were telling, that their children were bored because they had nothing to do in school as the examination had already over. The teachers, and students had lost their interest in teaching and learning. As for me I would feel the same way too. What is there to teach? The school system now can be considered Examination oriented, Everyone is doing very hard just for the sake of getting excellent result!.

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