Wednesday, October 27, 2004


35 students will have to resit Muet,


PETALING JAYA: A teacher who is an examiner for the Malaysian University English Test (Muet) leaked the “speaking” component to students from his school more than an hour before the exam.
The Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC) confirmed this in a statement and said that 35 students from a Kepong school would have to resit the test on a date that has yet to be determined.
It is learnt that the teacher, who was an examiner in another school, had phoned his students on Monday after he had collected the question papers.
“He called some students to inform them about the topics,” said a source from the school. Muet, introduced in 1999, is compulsory for all Form Six students intending to enrol in public universities.
MEC chief executive Datuk Termuzi Abdul Aziz said: “We have investigated the matter and found that a student may have obtained information regarding the test from the examiner at about 6.40am that day, which was 10 minutes after the test papers had been handed out to examiners under the Kuala Lumpur Education Department.” The test was held at 8am.
For this component, four students will participate in a group discussion where each of them has to give a two-minute presentation on a given topic. In the case of the leaked questions, the topics of discussion were made known to the students.
Termuzi said a police report would be lodged so a thorough investigation could be carried out.
“The leak was a result of someone failing to carry out his duty as an examiner responsibly,” he added.
He said that if proven guilty, the examiner concerned would face legal action under the Malaysian Examinations Council Act 1980 which carries a RM10,000 fine or two years' jail sentence or both.
MEC is in charge of the STPM (Higher School Certificate) and Muet while the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate oversees UPSR (Primary School Achievement Test), PMR (Lower Secondary Assessment) and SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education).
Testing for the speaking component is being carried out over six days from Oct 19 to 21 and Oct 25 till today. As there are two sessions a day, there are a total of 12 sets of tests – one for each session.
The speaking component accounts for 15% of the entire test. The rest comprises the written component, which students will sit for on Oct 30.
At the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (Melta) conference this year, Sharifah Sheha Syed Aziz Baftim from Universiti Teknologi Mara’s Language Centre said her research revealed that more than half her students found the speaking component tough because of their lack of command over the language, poor vocabulary, failure to understand questions and lack of exposure to topics of discussion.
A total of 84,176 candidates have registered to sit for the test this year.
In last year’s year-end test, a record 64.52% of candidates passed the Muet compared to the 51.79% passing rate for those who sat for it in the middle of the year. Students who achieve a Band Three (Modest User) and better are considered to have passed the test.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Blunder. This time PMR!

I think the Malaysia Examination Syndicate has put Malaysia Education System into a Laughing Stock! The UPSR's problem has not been solved and come another headache!!
Just don;t know what the people there are really doing. I wonder. Then the Edu Minister was quoted as saying that the ministry was going to monitor the school teachers involved in formulated question as to not to leak the paper to their students. What? I remember the person who did it was a lecturer in a private institution? It has nothing to do with the teachers! I feel that the ministry has to go to the root of the problem and try find the solution. I hope his term as the EDU MINISTER will not be plaque with problems and in the end nothing was done to alleviate the matters.
Meeting in school today. Ha!! The boss has made it clear that the school will only be closed on the 10th October 2oo4. What can we say? There is nothing we can do about it as it is final and according to him the school calendar has already stated clearly when we suppose to have our holidays. End of the discussion. No point to start of argue, right? But pity to those Peninsular teachers who have reserved air tickets as early as 1st October! Then i guess they have to forgo
the tickets or let someone use it for it will be wasting their money just to let the tickets expire.
I strongly believe that the MOE has to do something drastic pertaining to our schooling period. As what some of the concerned parents were telling, that their children were bored because they had nothing to do in school as the examination had already over. The teachers, and students had lost their interest in teaching and learning. As for me I would feel the same way too. What is there to teach? The school system now can be considered Examination oriented, Everyone is doing very hard just for the sake of getting excellent result!.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

LPM : They did it again!!!

Its a big blow to LPM's credibility as the Country's independent examination Board!
The first was UPSR's English Paper, and this time is the BM Paper. What would be next? Science SPM Paper?

Guru dakwa PMR bocor -- 100% soalan ramalan tuisyen di Kuching muncul dalam peperiksaan
Oleh: BORHAN ABU SAMAH- Utusan Melayu..

KUCHING 6 Okt. - Seorang guru hari ini mendakwa soalan Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2, Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) 2004 yang diadakan kelmarin, telah bocor.
Beliau yang enggan dikenali berkata, soalan yang sama telah diberi kepada murid-murid oleh seorang penceramah dari Semenanjung yang dijemput memberi ceramah di sebuah pusat tuisyen di sini, sebelum ini.
``Soalan ramalan itu adalah 100 peratus tepat dengan soalan yang keluar pada peperiksaan kelmarin,'' katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.