Thursday, September 02, 2004


been busy myself for the past few days preparing for the next trial exam .
Anyway it was a sigh of relief that Astro is not charging us even a single cent
for the new smartcard. Thanks Astro..... WOnder what would happen if nobody
make a fuss out of terms and agreement. Well say no more.....past is past and let's
head for the new begining.

I was very happy with my students couple of days ago.
You see.. well it was on the eve of "Merdeka Celebration" so i thought why not we talk about
the significance of Independent Day, what does it feel and what it is like to each and everyone of them... I was so touch with their responses. Some of them even shed tears talking about how Merdeka has altered their lives and their wish for a better Malaysia where all races ...together as one entity called Malaysian living in peace and harmony.

To me Malaysia is the living proof of what Merdeka has provided for all of us. Today i can walk around freely.... anywhere i want without hesitation and feeling of prejudice or fear. I dont have to pretend to like other races nor do i have to feel embarass because in my heart they are Malaysian like me, my brothers and sisters. My Wish is to live in a peaceful Malaysia for the rest of my life..........MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!!

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