Friday, September 17, 2004

Is it a joke?

The Star : .......The Star reported that the director-general had said there was nothing wrong with Question 22 (Section C) in the UPSR English paper, which was almost identical to the one in the Kertas Model Pentaksiran UPSR English workbook published by Pearson Malaysia.
After looking at the workbook and the UPSR English paper, Abdul Rafie had been quoted as saying that the MES was allowed to reproduce the question, which carried 15 marks.

well well well....what do you know? the Director General himself saying it is ok to reproduce the questions from a workbook to be used to test pupils ability in Public Exams?...I do agree with the parents that it is not fair for those who do not have the opportunity to use that book. It is obviously contradicting what the "Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia" aim all this while...that is to produce questions which are valid, fair and accountable to all pupils. The DG's remarks on this clearly shows his weakness in countering all the criticisms and even the Education Minister is unable to back him.

According to the paper, Hishammudin stressed that it was the DG's View which did not reflect the actual view from the Ministry Of Education. The DG should appologise to all i mean the parents and people in Malaysia for his controversial statement on the issue. This is the best thing to do not to make things worst.

To me it is a blatant lie to tell the country that LPM can use materials from a workbook for public exams. All the teachers in Malaysia know that and LPM has already made it clear that questions must be produced without interference from any other parties to promote fairness to all.

Dont tell me the DG does not know the LPM's policies??after all these years being a DG and being a prominient figure in the field of education??. In short.... No one can fool anyone!!!

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