Friday, September 03, 2004


Well well well our country is in the spotlight again....i mean a BIG one! Initially it was kind of surprise to me ... just imagine that... When i was about the flip through the Daily News , it struck me to see a big picture of AI with the big headline AI freed!!!But then i came to realise that sooner or later he would be freed. They can't put him in jail for a long time. But i figured that its the right moment and time for them to release him for good. To me i have a mix feeling about his release. There are so many questions that need answers. As a malaysian , and a taxpayer, i am entitled for those much needed answers.... pertaining to the future of our country in 6 years to come. Will there be any riots like what it used to be years ago? Well i must say AI then was very influential man and he still is . Honestly i never liked him nor do i hate him. He was the second powerful man in the country before but in my opinion he was so ambitious . We wanted to reach the top before the time and his action which i think prompted the boss to get rid of him. I don't about know about all the allegations made against him whether they are true or not...but i dont 100% believe he is innocent. Honestly i think we are scared of this man...but i hope all the years in the lock up,,,he had enough time to reflect upon himself and now he is out...He should take this opportunity to make use of it to enjoy life and get well. it seems he is being treated bigger than the PM...u know one hour for a passport, a jet plane to fly him to Germany and whats more? .... the doctor would treat him free of charge!!
Anyway good luck to him and i hope he would use his head for the sake of the people of Malaysia in future if he still has the intention to be PM again.

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