Friday, September 10, 2004

Good News !!!!

..........Its been a while since i last updated my blog. I had to attend MUET WORKSHOP from 6th to 9th Sept at a 2 Star hotel as a Facillitator. I guess it was quite an eye opener to those who have just started teaching MUET and for the experienced, they do gained something useful too...................though i have been teaching Muet when it was first started in 1999 but this is the first time workshop being organised! All the while we have been teaching this particular subject by merely refering to the textbook and nothing has been done to further enhance the teahers' knowledge especially for thosein Sabah.Well i am glad i have contributed my part in the workshop, although it is just a very small contribution, there is nothing to be sorry about since i am not the main Facillitator there, just being randomly picked to fulfill the quota 3 persons for each component. Glad that i decided to go and guess what? i met my all college dorm mate..ALbert!! just imagine after 14 years!!!!! Thanks God that i did make a right decision for not attending the BTN course which was held from 2nd to 6th September. I know it was very important for me to attend the course but i had to make the sacrifice for my son's sake. His slight developed into a very high fever on Sunday. Anyway, its all over now and he is getting better. Opps!!! another headache!!!! my daughter has been unwell since last night and she is catching the viral fever from her brother. Gave her the *suppository* last night to relieve the fever . We just had a couple of hours sleep .. The good news today is we stand to get one month bonus which to be paid in two installments...october and December. Thats what announced by the PM yesterday and i just read the news this morning!!!.

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