Sunday, August 29, 2004


its sunday! well i just broke a record !!! ......nothing to feel great about but its a sense of achievement.... for the first time after so many years waking up at for a busy family man like me..i would wake up at 6 the soonest even it is a sunday or a holiday. Well,, blame it on my son .....Kenneth, 4 yrs . He doesnt like to wake up late and he is the only kid on earth would wake up at 6am every morning. Quess he doesnt enjoy the joy of sleeping!! but today he just couldnt get his cute little eyes open like he used to . SO its a bonus for me that he let me sleep 2 hours extra...... well there is a story i would like to share today.... i just read it on newspaper and i was shocked and sickening to know that how a fellow human being treat another human being so badly that he was butchered and burnt and some parts of his body been eaten because he accidentally touch the bride's buttock!!!!!!! Forgive me but " What the hell is going on with mankind nowadays?" Another incident happened in Taiwan where Lady who works as an insurance representative was killed by two male friends. They cut raped her and then hit her private part with their feet for fear that police would discover their sperm inside her. Not satisfy with it they cut her private part and finally cut her throat and burnt her... imean the body part into a pond. Unfortunately the CSI team proved their DNAs beyond resonable doubts. Intially they just wanted to threathen her for lying in selling insurance policies but things turned out ugly when one of the guys got carried away and raped her. One thing lets to another and the rest was history....... What i can say ...they dont deserve to be call human..

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