Thursday, December 30, 2004

All festivities For New Year 2005 cancelled

SUNGAI PETANI: The Government has cancelled all celebrations to usher in the New Year in view of the tsunami tragedy and has called on all parties, including the private sector, to instead hold prayers for the welfare of those affected.
Describing the tragedy as the worst ever encountered by the country, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said: “We are going through hard times now, with hundreds of people affected by the disaster. I have directed the state governments to cancel all functions planned for the New Year.
The Prime Minister said that this was “not the time for us to be happy ushering in the New Year.”
“We need to pray to God to give the victims strength to endure the hardship they are going through now,” he said when addressing relief workers and officers after a briefing on the impact of the tsunami in Kedah at the police operations centre in Kota Kuala Muda.
Abdullah said he wanted all mosques to focus on prayers for those affected by the tidal waves at their sermons tomorrow.
“We pray that the affected victims gather courage to accept the tragedy and find ways to go through the ordeal with the support from all quarters,” he said.
“This should be our prayers during New Year’s Eve. Non-Muslims can also conduct similar prayers,” he said.
In Petaling Jaya, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting has asked the party and Chinese community organisations to heed Abdullah’s call.
“I fully support the Prime Minister’s call and urge all MCA levels and Chinese community groups to do likewise,” he said.
Ong also called on all non-Muslim religious organisations such as Buddhist and Taoist associations to hold special prayers for the victims.
“Let us all pray for the safety of the people and country, and for such a disaster to not happen again,” he said.
He had asked the party’s religious bureau chief Datuk Fu Ah Kiow to immediately contact the various groups to urge them to hold such prayers as one of the programmes to usher in the New Year.
City Hall has called off its countdown celebrations at Dataran Merdeka. A spokesman said there would not be any activities including fireworks displays.
TV3 and its subsidiary 8TV also cancelled two major concerts. The stations had originally planned to carry live telecasts of the AmBank Group Gemilang 2005 at Dataran Merdeka and Countdown@KLCC.
TV3 chief executive officer Datuk Farid Ridzuan told a press conference that the celebrations were now no longer appropriate. Both stations would instead be sending their staff to offer assistance in the affected areas of Kedah, Perlis and Penang.
They would also be providing textbooks and uniforms for children going back to school. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also announced that the Government had decided to pay an additional RM2,000 to families whose houses were partially damaged and RM5,000 for those whose homes were destroyed in the tragedy.
He said the Government would also compensate RM1,000 to those whose boats were partially damaged and RM3,000 to owners whose boats were destroyed.
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had announced on Tuesday that the Government would give RM1,000 each to those families who had lost their loved ones and RM200 each to those who had sustained injuries.
Abdullah also commended the local newspapers for launching various relief funds to help the victims, saying the concern shown by Malaysians was praiseworthy

"Tsunami warning was stopped"

Just minutes after the earthquake in the Indian Ocean on Sunday morning, Thailand's foremost meterological experts were sitting together in a crisis meeting. But they decided not to warn about the tsunami "out of courtesy to the tourist industry", write the Thailand daily newspaper The Nation.The experts got the news around 8:00 am on Sunday morning local time. An hour later, the first massive wave struck. But the experts started to discuss the economic impacts when they were discussing if a tsunami warning should be made. The main argument against such a warning was that there have not been any floods in 300 years. Also, the experts believed the Indonesian island Sumatra would be a "cushion" for the southern coast of Thailand. The experts also had bad information; they thought the tremor was 8.1. A similar earthquake occurred in the same area in 2002 with no flooding at all.

We finally decided not to do anything because the tourist season was in full swing. The hotels were 100% booked full. What if we issued a warning, which would have led to an evacuation, and nothing had happened. What would be the outcome? The tourist industry would be immediately hurt. Our department would not be able to endure a lawsuit...

My only comment here would be that if these experts believed they would hurt the tourist industry by calling out an alarm and it turned out to be false, what do they think will happen to the tourist industry now?...commented by the blogger from..

Sunday, December 26, 2004

At least 53 Malaysians killed by tidal waves

KUALA LUMPUR: At least 53 people were killed, scores injured and 34 reported missing in several parts of Malaysia when tidal waves of up to five metres high hit the coastal regions as a result an earthquake in Sumatra.
Officials have described it as the worst natural disaster in Malaysia’s history.
Penang was the worst hit, with 38 reported dead and 30 missing at press time.
In Kedah, 12 more were reported dead and three missing, in Perak two dead and one missing and Selangor one dead.
A Malaysian husband and wife were also reported killed while diving in the Emerald Cave off Thailand’s southern coast after a huge tsunami struck.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he felt sad about the lives that were lost in the disaster and extended his condolences to the bereaved families.
He has asked Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop to give financial help to the victims.
According to the Meteorological Services Department Seismology division, preliminary information showed the location of the earthquake's epicentre at Latitude 3.1° North and Longitude 95.5° East, some 680km from Kuala Lumpur and 590km from Penang.
The first of the tidal waves, which hit the coastal areas at different times, was reported at about noon, about three hours after the tremors were felt in Malaysia.
However, a Penang Meteorological Services spokesman said the waves could have hit Penang shores earlier, before 11am.
Waves reaching 3m was reported at Batu Maung and between 2.4m and 3m at Batu Ferringhi.
The spokesman said the waves could have gone above 4.6m, particularly at enclosed bay areas.
Unconfirmed reports from the public said the waves at Langkawi had hit as high as 8m.
The seawaters swept more than 150m inland, drowning boatmen, holidaymakers and other people in its path.
Boats were capsized or tossed up onto the roads, and houses and other property destroyed.
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also the National Disaster Relief and Management committee chairman, has ordered the evacuation of residents in the coastal areas of Penang and Kedah due to concern that tidal waves might recur.
Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting has directed Fire and Rescue Department officers to go all out to help in the rescue work and to be ready if the waves were to hit again.
Earlier, between 9am and 9.30am, tremors lasting about one and two minutes were reported in all states except Malacca, Johor and Pahang.
The tremors sent occupants of many high-rise buildings scurrying out in fear, while in other premises the people were told to leave.

Real life sea drama from high-rises

PENANG: Several high-rise residents witnessed a real life high sea drama as giant waves as high as three metres lashed the shores of the island.
They saw boats being “swallowed” by the succession of waves which hit the island just after lunchtime yesterday.
The tidal wave left a trail of destruction, overturning motorcycles, moving concrete road dividers, cars and damaging homes along the coast.
It came five hours after high rise residents were rudely forced out of their beds at 9am following a tremor brought about by an earthquake in West Sumatra.
Engineer Brian Hoe, 34, said he saw six to seven fishing boats going under the tidal waves measuring 2.5m to 3m.
“I saw some of the smaller boats out-running the waves while the bigger boats went under the might of the waves,” he said.
Judo instructor Justin Khoo, 28, who stays at the 12th floor of the Sea Range Tower at Mount Pleasure, captured the tidal waves when they hit the shores.
“I came back from buying lunch at about 11.30am when I saw the swell of the waves building up,” he said.
“By the time I took three or four shots, I could hear from a distance away the screams of picnickers,” he said.
At least 60 boats capsized or were swept away by the waves off Tanjong Tokong coast.
Some fishing boats were washed ashore landing on roads. Motorcycles parked by the seafront were also not spared as the waters swept the machines away.The ferry service was not disrupted.


Monday December 27, 8:34 AM

Aceh quake, tsunami death toll tops 12,000
(Kyodo) _ The death toll from the massive 9.0 earthquake off Indonesia's Aceh on Sunday morning and subsequent tsunamis across the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean that hit India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and the Maldives had topped 12,300 by early Monday, official and media reports said.
In Sri Lanka, reports trickling in from areas under the control of the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have raised the death toll from a massive tsunami that hit the island country to 4,500, the news agency Reuters said.
Reports added government officials fear 22 Japanese tourists may have died when the tsunami struck Yala National Park in Sri Lanka's southeast.
Up to 1 million more people in the island country have been affected by the tidal waves and flooding.
In India, 3,000 people are said killed in southern Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states and another 1,000 are believed dead in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, Indian possessions off the coasts of Thailand and Myanmar.
In Indonesia, at least 4,400 people are believed dead, including more than 1,000 in the Aceh provincial capital Banda Aceh that died from earthquake damage and the later tsunamis.
In Thailand, where tsunami struck the popular tourist resort islands of Phuket and Pipi and many others parts of the country's south, 390 people are believed dead, including 130 on Phuket alone.
In Malaysia's northern Penang and Kedah states, 42 people have been killed and the deputy prime minister said more are missing.
The Maldives, a country of low-lying islands that rise barely a meter above sea level, reported at least 28 people killed there when the tsunamis rolled over the capital island Male and several other tiny islands and atolls popular with tourists.
Reports from Myanmar have not yet given death tolls, but it is known the country was hit by the tidal waves and earthquake damage has been reported from Myanmar as well.
The tsunami killed at least two people in Bangladesh and traveled as far as Africa, where eight people were reported by the U.S. Geological Survey killed in Somalia.
The 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the sea just off Aceh was the biggest since a 9.2 magnitude quake struck Prince William Sound in Alaska in 1964. The Aceh temblor is also the fourth biggest recorded since 1900.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


35 students will have to resit Muet,


PETALING JAYA: A teacher who is an examiner for the Malaysian University English Test (Muet) leaked the “speaking” component to students from his school more than an hour before the exam.
The Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC) confirmed this in a statement and said that 35 students from a Kepong school would have to resit the test on a date that has yet to be determined.
It is learnt that the teacher, who was an examiner in another school, had phoned his students on Monday after he had collected the question papers.
“He called some students to inform them about the topics,” said a source from the school. Muet, introduced in 1999, is compulsory for all Form Six students intending to enrol in public universities.
MEC chief executive Datuk Termuzi Abdul Aziz said: “We have investigated the matter and found that a student may have obtained information regarding the test from the examiner at about 6.40am that day, which was 10 minutes after the test papers had been handed out to examiners under the Kuala Lumpur Education Department.” The test was held at 8am.
For this component, four students will participate in a group discussion where each of them has to give a two-minute presentation on a given topic. In the case of the leaked questions, the topics of discussion were made known to the students.
Termuzi said a police report would be lodged so a thorough investigation could be carried out.
“The leak was a result of someone failing to carry out his duty as an examiner responsibly,” he added.
He said that if proven guilty, the examiner concerned would face legal action under the Malaysian Examinations Council Act 1980 which carries a RM10,000 fine or two years' jail sentence or both.
MEC is in charge of the STPM (Higher School Certificate) and Muet while the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate oversees UPSR (Primary School Achievement Test), PMR (Lower Secondary Assessment) and SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education).
Testing for the speaking component is being carried out over six days from Oct 19 to 21 and Oct 25 till today. As there are two sessions a day, there are a total of 12 sets of tests – one for each session.
The speaking component accounts for 15% of the entire test. The rest comprises the written component, which students will sit for on Oct 30.
At the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (Melta) conference this year, Sharifah Sheha Syed Aziz Baftim from Universiti Teknologi Mara’s Language Centre said her research revealed that more than half her students found the speaking component tough because of their lack of command over the language, poor vocabulary, failure to understand questions and lack of exposure to topics of discussion.
A total of 84,176 candidates have registered to sit for the test this year.
In last year’s year-end test, a record 64.52% of candidates passed the Muet compared to the 51.79% passing rate for those who sat for it in the middle of the year. Students who achieve a Band Three (Modest User) and better are considered to have passed the test.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Blunder. This time PMR!

I think the Malaysia Examination Syndicate has put Malaysia Education System into a Laughing Stock! The UPSR's problem has not been solved and come another headache!!
Just don;t know what the people there are really doing. I wonder. Then the Edu Minister was quoted as saying that the ministry was going to monitor the school teachers involved in formulated question as to not to leak the paper to their students. What? I remember the person who did it was a lecturer in a private institution? It has nothing to do with the teachers! I feel that the ministry has to go to the root of the problem and try find the solution. I hope his term as the EDU MINISTER will not be plaque with problems and in the end nothing was done to alleviate the matters.
Meeting in school today. Ha!! The boss has made it clear that the school will only be closed on the 10th October 2oo4. What can we say? There is nothing we can do about it as it is final and according to him the school calendar has already stated clearly when we suppose to have our holidays. End of the discussion. No point to start of argue, right? But pity to those Peninsular teachers who have reserved air tickets as early as 1st October! Then i guess they have to forgo
the tickets or let someone use it for it will be wasting their money just to let the tickets expire.
I strongly believe that the MOE has to do something drastic pertaining to our schooling period. As what some of the concerned parents were telling, that their children were bored because they had nothing to do in school as the examination had already over. The teachers, and students had lost their interest in teaching and learning. As for me I would feel the same way too. What is there to teach? The school system now can be considered Examination oriented, Everyone is doing very hard just for the sake of getting excellent result!.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

LPM : They did it again!!!

Its a big blow to LPM's credibility as the Country's independent examination Board!
The first was UPSR's English Paper, and this time is the BM Paper. What would be next? Science SPM Paper?

Guru dakwa PMR bocor -- 100% soalan ramalan tuisyen di Kuching muncul dalam peperiksaan
Oleh: BORHAN ABU SAMAH- Utusan Melayu..

KUCHING 6 Okt. - Seorang guru hari ini mendakwa soalan Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2, Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) 2004 yang diadakan kelmarin, telah bocor.
Beliau yang enggan dikenali berkata, soalan yang sama telah diberi kepada murid-murid oleh seorang penceramah dari Semenanjung yang dijemput memberi ceramah di sebuah pusat tuisyen di sini, sebelum ini.
``Soalan ramalan itu adalah 100 peratus tepat dengan soalan yang keluar pada peperiksaan kelmarin,'' katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Just Look At That!!

THE able-bodied young man in his Reebok shoes sat quietly on the floor along the underpass between Orchard MRT station and Shaw House on Orchard Road.And openly begged as he watched the world go by.In front of him was a piece of paper showing a photocopy of his NRIC and a note that said: 'Family poor. Brother and sister not working. Please donate.'Next to the note was a plastic container for donations.Goh Sung Wee, 25, did not seem to be doing too well on Tuesday night - there was just 60 cents in the container.The New Paper watched him for over an hour before approaching him - and saw only one donor.But he didn't seem too hard-up in his fancy Reebok trainers, bermudas and polo shirt.Ah, but that's why he was there.He said proudly: 'I got these shoes and my spectacles with the money I got from here.'Indeed a chat with him revealed his persistence.He claimed he has been begging for more than a year because he hasn't been able to find a job.But then he has been rather choosy.He wouldn't say at first what kind of work he was looking for. But after repeated questioning, he said he was looking for work as a cleaner.And when was the last time he applied for a job?He hesitated, then said: 'I tried a few times already, cannot find.'Then out came his choosiness. He said in Mandarin: 'I only want to find a job near where I live in Hougang. It must be within walking distance, if not I don't want.'It's not worth it if I have to pay to take the bus and MRT to work every day.'
Yet, he travels from Hougang to Orchard Road to beg.'I don't come here every day. Maybe two, three times a week,' he claimed.Even then he takes it easy.'I come down here when I wake up, about three or four in the afternoon,' he said.And then he begs for five to six hours before heading back home.But why does he get up so late in the day?'I sleep very late at night,' he said.He likes to watch TV late into the night.HAS NEVER WORKED IN HIS LIFE Goh revealed he has never worked a day in his life.He stopped school after Sec 4 and has been jobless ever since. He got by on pocket money from his parents.The eldest of four children, Goh said his father is a taxi driver and mother a housewife.
He said his parents still give him pocket money, but declined to say how much.'It's indefinite. Some weeks I get more money.'His parents have been supporting him for over 20 years. Isn't it time he started looking after them?He stared blankly before answering: 'The best is if they can fully support me.' It was clear that he had also not thought about the day when his parents can no longer give him money.When this was put to him, he stared vacantly.Then, he said: 'Wah, I hope that day never comes.'One of his younger brothers, he said, is a swimming instructor who earns his own keep and even gives his parents money. Another brother is still in secondary school and his sister, is studying in a polytechnic.Initially, he claimed his parents were aware he was begging and had no objections since he was getting money.
But later, when we asked to get in touch with them, he admitted they do not know he's been begging.As a cleaner he could earn about $750 to $1,200 a month, compared to the $10 to $40 he said he can get each day by begging.But he insisted he wanted to work only near his home in Hougang.And it's not as if he never strikes it rich.Once, he said excitedly, he had collected about $230 in a day - $200 was from a single donor.He also recounted how he had met a young woman in the Orchard Road underpass, who received $4,000 from a donor. He never saw her again.'I see other other people do it, so I also come and be a beggar. Also good what. Just sit here can get money, I can buy cigarettes,' he said, opening up his cigarette case to show this reporter.,4136,73441,00.html

Friday, September 17, 2004

Is it a joke?

The Star : .......The Star reported that the director-general had said there was nothing wrong with Question 22 (Section C) in the UPSR English paper, which was almost identical to the one in the Kertas Model Pentaksiran UPSR English workbook published by Pearson Malaysia.
After looking at the workbook and the UPSR English paper, Abdul Rafie had been quoted as saying that the MES was allowed to reproduce the question, which carried 15 marks.

well well well....what do you know? the Director General himself saying it is ok to reproduce the questions from a workbook to be used to test pupils ability in Public Exams?...I do agree with the parents that it is not fair for those who do not have the opportunity to use that book. It is obviously contradicting what the "Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia" aim all this while...that is to produce questions which are valid, fair and accountable to all pupils. The DG's remarks on this clearly shows his weakness in countering all the criticisms and even the Education Minister is unable to back him.

According to the paper, Hishammudin stressed that it was the DG's View which did not reflect the actual view from the Ministry Of Education. The DG should appologise to all i mean the parents and people in Malaysia for his controversial statement on the issue. This is the best thing to do not to make things worst.

To me it is a blatant lie to tell the country that LPM can use materials from a workbook for public exams. All the teachers in Malaysia know that and LPM has already made it clear that questions must be produced without interference from any other parties to promote fairness to all.

Dont tell me the DG does not know the LPM's policies??after all these years being a DG and being a prominient figure in the field of education??. In short.... No one can fool anyone!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Graduates Predicament

Berita Harian reported 48,100 Malay graduates remained jobless as of the first quarter of the year.
Out of the 387,000 unemployed during this period, almost 4.5% are graduates who failed to find a job after their studies, said Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Minister Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin.
He said the number of unemployed Malay graduates was much higher compared to non-Malays, who numbered 18,200, and could be attributed to poor skills and expertise.
“The unemployment rate of graduates could be connected to the economic growth rate, as there has been a sudden increase in the number of graduates coming into the workforce who do not possess the necessary skills

Friday, September 10, 2004

2005 Budget Summary

PM announces measures to strengthen the economy BY WONG SULONG

DATUK SERI Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s first budget is aimed at improving the efficiency of the economy, and that includes having a better tax collection system through the introduction of a goods and services tax (GST) from 2007.
The Prime Minister, who is also Finance Minister, announced relief to the poor and needy, gave a boost to agriculture, including promoting a halal processing hub, and liberalised the capital market with the entry of five foreign stockbroking and fund managers.
Among the winners:
(i) Civil servants. Those earning below RM1,000 a month will get a one-and-a-half-month's bonus and those earning above RM1,000 will get a month’s bonus subject to a minimum of RM1,500. Cost of living allowances will also be increased;
(ii) Teachers. They will get better pay and promotion prospects without having to be administrators;
(iii) The police. They will be receiving higher salaries and police commandos will get higher allowances; and
(iv) The accounting profession. It’s probably the biggest winner. The introduction of the GST will bring in a huge amount of business.
The big losers are smokers and drinkers – they are being slugged once again with taxes.
There are no changes in individual and corporate income taxes.

The Government also did not announce any increase in petroleum taxes despite the huge subsidies it is carrying due to the high oil prices, probably because of the widespread effect this would have on many economic sectors.

On the GST, Abdullah said it would be a more efficient tax collection system and government revenue was also expected to increase.

He gave an assurance that the GST would be accompanied by cuts in corporate and individual income taxes. Low-income groups would not be burdened, while small businesses would also be exempted from GST. Details would be worked out by a taxation system review panel comprising public- and private-sector representatives.
In tabling the budget in Parliament yesterday, Abdullah said the focus of Budget 2005 was to enhance the effectiveness of Government financial management, the delivery system and competitiveness, accelerate the shift towards a higher valued-added economy, develop human capital and improve the quality of life of the rakyat.
“The Government is committed to fulfil all promises made in the Barisan Nasional manifesto.
“I am determined to ensure that every rakyat will be able to live in peace and harmony, regardless of race, religion and status. This is my aspiration, my objective and my pledge to you,” he said.
Abdullah is putting money to his policy initiatives.
Take his view that Malaysia has first-world facilities but third-world maintenance. He has set aside a sum of RM500mil for Class F contractors to maintain government buildings, including schools and hospitals, in the districts.
There are financial incentives for public libraries, more money to train small-time bumiputra businessmen under the Prosper scheme, RM450 a month for imams in all mosques and incentives for manufacturing and the ICT sectors.
There are no big ticket spending items; this being the final year of the Eighth Malaysia Plan. The Government had already spent big in the earlier part of the Plan to prime pump the economy to offset the effects of the global slowdown, the Iraq War and SARS.
The Government is allocating RM117.4bil as expenditure of which RM89.1bil is for operating and RM28.3bil for development. Revenue is estimated at RM99.2bil, giving a budget deficit of RM18.2bil.
This deficit is equivalent to 3.8% of Gross National Product, compared with an estimated 4.5% for this year and 5.3% for last year. Therefore, the budget deficit continues to decline and is within manageable levels. This should please local and foreign investors alike.
Despite lower government spending, the economy is expected to remain buoyant – thanks to strong exports, manufacturing and private consumption.
The nation’s economic growth for this year is expected to be 7%, with a 6% growth projected for next year.
These are good and sustainable growth rates. Malaysians therefore have plenty to cheer. They are enjoying peace and prosperity in the midst of global and regional uncertainties.

Good News !!!!

..........Its been a while since i last updated my blog. I had to attend MUET WORKSHOP from 6th to 9th Sept at a 2 Star hotel as a Facillitator. I guess it was quite an eye opener to those who have just started teaching MUET and for the experienced, they do gained something useful too...................though i have been teaching Muet when it was first started in 1999 but this is the first time workshop being organised! All the while we have been teaching this particular subject by merely refering to the textbook and nothing has been done to further enhance the teahers' knowledge especially for thosein Sabah.Well i am glad i have contributed my part in the workshop, although it is just a very small contribution, there is nothing to be sorry about since i am not the main Facillitator there, just being randomly picked to fulfill the quota 3 persons for each component. Glad that i decided to go and guess what? i met my all college dorm mate..ALbert!! just imagine after 14 years!!!!! Thanks God that i did make a right decision for not attending the BTN course which was held from 2nd to 6th September. I know it was very important for me to attend the course but i had to make the sacrifice for my son's sake. His slight developed into a very high fever on Sunday. Anyway, its all over now and he is getting better. Opps!!! another headache!!!! my daughter has been unwell since last night and she is catching the viral fever from her brother. Gave her the *suppository* last night to relieve the fever . We just had a couple of hours sleep .. The good news today is we stand to get one month bonus which to be paid in two installments...october and December. Thats what announced by the PM yesterday and i just read the news this morning!!!.

Friday, September 03, 2004


Well well well our country is in the spotlight again....i mean a BIG one! Initially it was kind of surprise to me ... just imagine that... When i was about the flip through the Daily News , it struck me to see a big picture of AI with the big headline AI freed!!!But then i came to realise that sooner or later he would be freed. They can't put him in jail for a long time. But i figured that its the right moment and time for them to release him for good. To me i have a mix feeling about his release. There are so many questions that need answers. As a malaysian , and a taxpayer, i am entitled for those much needed answers.... pertaining to the future of our country in 6 years to come. Will there be any riots like what it used to be years ago? Well i must say AI then was very influential man and he still is . Honestly i never liked him nor do i hate him. He was the second powerful man in the country before but in my opinion he was so ambitious . We wanted to reach the top before the time and his action which i think prompted the boss to get rid of him. I don't about know about all the allegations made against him whether they are true or not...but i dont 100% believe he is innocent. Honestly i think we are scared of this man...but i hope all the years in the lock up,,,he had enough time to reflect upon himself and now he is out...He should take this opportunity to make use of it to enjoy life and get well. it seems he is being treated bigger than the PM...u know one hour for a passport, a jet plane to fly him to Germany and whats more? .... the doctor would treat him free of charge!!
Anyway good luck to him and i hope he would use his head for the sake of the people of Malaysia in future if he still has the intention to be PM again.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


been busy myself for the past few days preparing for the next trial exam .
Anyway it was a sigh of relief that Astro is not charging us even a single cent
for the new smartcard. Thanks Astro..... WOnder what would happen if nobody
make a fuss out of terms and agreement. Well say no more.....past is past and let's
head for the new begining.

I was very happy with my students couple of days ago.
You see.. well it was on the eve of "Merdeka Celebration" so i thought why not we talk about
the significance of Independent Day, what does it feel and what it is like to each and everyone of them... I was so touch with their responses. Some of them even shed tears talking about how Merdeka has altered their lives and their wish for a better Malaysia where all races ...together as one entity called Malaysian living in peace and harmony.

To me Malaysia is the living proof of what Merdeka has provided for all of us. Today i can walk around freely.... anywhere i want without hesitation and feeling of prejudice or fear. I dont have to pretend to like other races nor do i have to feel embarass because in my heart they are Malaysian like me, my brothers and sisters. My Wish is to live in a peaceful Malaysia for the rest of my life..........MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Now Look at that!!!!

Astro is introducing a new smartcard to all its 1.3million subcribers throughout Malaysia and Brunei. Its kind of a good news to all of us here. Imagine that what the card could do in the name of technology. Unfortunately it comes with a heavy price to pay.... take a look at Astro's website! and you will find out that you are in a way bound by its terms and agreement....or risk paying RM500 penalty charge due to deactivation..........another blood sucker....
Well , according to Datuk Subahan kamal (Ketua Unit Pengaduan Awam Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO)its time for the government reassess and reconsider the Antimonopoly Act ....

Astro oh Astro!!

1.3 juta Pelanggan `diikat' Terma Baru Astro- Utusan Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR 29 Ogos - Kira-kira 1.3 juta pelanggan Astro akan `diikat' melanggani stesen itu secara wajib selama 12 bulan atau menghadapi denda RM500 sebaik sahaja mereka mengaktifkan kad pintar baru yang akan diedarkan mulai bulan depan.
Terma ini terkandung di bawah fasal empat perjanjian itu yang dikenali sebagai Perjanjian Langganan Astro - Pelanggan Kediaman.
Keseluruhan perjanjian itu yang boleh dilihat di laman web Astro - bermula dengan tajuk kecil di atasnya yang menyebut `Kad Pintar Astro yang baru didatangkan bersama Perjanjian Langganan Astro'.
Menerusi terma baru itu, para pelanggan tidak ada pilihan lain kerana selepas tarikh 30 September ini, kad pintar yang lama sudah tidak boleh digunakan lagi.
Mereka juga secara automatik akan `terikat' dengan
Astro selama 12 bulan sebaik sahaja mengaktifkan kad pintar yang baru.
Ini kerana, kad pintar yang baru itu turut didatangkan bersekali dengan perjanjian baru yang mana para pengguna dikira `bersetuju' untuk meneruskan langganan secara berterusan bagi tempoh minimum selama 12 bulan sebaik sahaja kad pintar baru diaktifkan.
Sekiranya pelanggan menghentikan langganan sebelum genap tempoh 12 bulan mereka akan dikenakan denda yang dinamakan `yuran perjanjian' sebanyak RM500.
Astro telah menghantar notis kepada para pelangannya mengenai pengenalan kad pintar yang baru yang dikatakan mengandungi ciri-ciri keselamatan tertinggi melalui pos dan di dalam laman web mereka.
Kesemua pelanggan berdaftarnya akan menerima kad tersebut dalam tempoh dua minggu pertama pada bulan depan.
Bagaimanapun pemberitahuan mengenai kewujudan perjanjian yang baru serta bila ia berkuat kuasa tidak dinyatakan dengan jelas kepada pelanggan hingga menyebabkan ramai yang tidak menyedari mengenainya.
Bukan itu sahaja kewujudan fasal mengenai tempoh langganan minimum juga tidak dimaklumkan dengan cara yang boleh jelas dilihat dalam perjanjian yang mempunyai 11 fasal itu.
Cuma perkataan `yuran perjanjian sebanyak RM500 akan dikenakan ke atas pelanggan' dihitamkan tanpa dibesarkan atau ditulis dalam bentuk yang boleh menarik perhatian pembaca.
Terdahulu, Utusan Malaysia menerima banyak aduan daripada para pelanggan Astro yang menyatakan kekeliruan mereka berhubung isu ini.
Keseluruhan fasal empat perjanjian itu berbunyi:
``Tempoh Langganan Minimum. Anda bersetuju untuk meneruskan dan memastikan akaun anda aktif untuk tempoh minimum secara berterusan selama 12 bulan dari tarikh perkhidmatan diaktifkan. Selain itu, anda juga bersetuju secara serta merta atau sebaliknya menyebabkan perkhidmatan tidak lagi aktif pada bila-bila masa dalam tempoh 12 bulan atas apa sahaja sebab sebagainya termasuk tanpa had, secara gagal atau enggan dan atau ingkar untuk membayar yuran langganan pada bila tepat masanya, yuran perjanjian sebanyak RM500 akan dikenakan ke atas anda. Jika anda melanggan perkhidmatan melalui kempen khas atau promosi, tempoh langganan minimum seperti yang tertera dalam terma khas dan syarat kempen dan tawaran khas (``Terma dan Syarat Kempen'') akan terpakai.''
Astro adalah stesen televisyen satelit pertama negara yang semakin mendapat sambutan pengguna. Salah satu lagi stesen yang dijangka memberi saingan kepadanya, MiTV dijangka beroperasi Disember ini.
MiTV akan menawarkan sebanyak 60 saluran serta harga langganan yang dikatakan jauh lebih rendah dari apa yang dikenakan oleh Astro sekarang.
Perkhidmatannya dijangka bermula di Lembah Klang menjelang bulan Disember 2004 sebelum dilanjutkan meliputi kawasan utara dalam tempoh enam bulan berikutnya.
Sementara itu ketika mengulas perkara ini, Setiausaha Agung Gabungan Persatuan Pengguna Malaysia (FOMCA), Muhammad Shaani Abdullah menggesa Astro supaya menarik balik perjanjian tersebut kerana ia jelas satu bentuk monopoli.
``Mengapa perlu memperkenalkan perjanjian yang baru bersekali dengan kad pintar sedangkan ia tidak ada kena mengena kerana kad pintar itu adalah soal teknikal dan oleh itu mengapa perjanjian yang lama tidak boleh digunakan?
``Saya juga tidak faham apakah makna yuran perjanjian sebanyak RM500 dikenakan. Ia kos untuk apa? Bukannya ada yuran guaman pun,'' katanya.
Ketua Unit Pengaduan Awam Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO, Datuk Subahan Kamal pula menggesa Kementerian Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi campur tangan dalam hal ini bagi mengelakkan ada unsur-unsur yang tidak adil dalam perjanjian itu.
``Agak malang jika kementerian yang berkenaan boleh membenarkan perkara ini yang jelas satu perjanjian tidak adil kepada para pengguna kerana dipaksa untuk terikat dengan Astro.
``Ini menyekat hak sebagai pengguna dan juga satu etika perniagaan yang tidak baik untuk industri penyiaran negara kerana ia bagaikan satu bentuk monopoli.
``Selain itu mungkin sudah tiba masanya negara kita mempunyai akta antimonopoli seperti yang terdapat di negara-negara maju bagi membolehkan suasana perniagaan yang baik kepada semua pihak,'' jelasnya.

Sunday, August 29, 2004


its sunday! well i just broke a record !!! ......nothing to feel great about but its a sense of achievement.... for the first time after so many years waking up at for a busy family man like me..i would wake up at 6 the soonest even it is a sunday or a holiday. Well,, blame it on my son .....Kenneth, 4 yrs . He doesnt like to wake up late and he is the only kid on earth would wake up at 6am every morning. Quess he doesnt enjoy the joy of sleeping!! but today he just couldnt get his cute little eyes open like he used to . SO its a bonus for me that he let me sleep 2 hours extra...... well there is a story i would like to share today.... i just read it on newspaper and i was shocked and sickening to know that how a fellow human being treat another human being so badly that he was butchered and burnt and some parts of his body been eaten because he accidentally touch the bride's buttock!!!!!!! Forgive me but " What the hell is going on with mankind nowadays?" Another incident happened in Taiwan where Lady who works as an insurance representative was killed by two male friends. They cut raped her and then hit her private part with their feet for fear that police would discover their sperm inside her. Not satisfy with it they cut her private part and finally cut her throat and burnt her... imean the body part into a pond. Unfortunately the CSI team proved their DNAs beyond resonable doubts. Intially they just wanted to threathen her for lying in selling insurance policies but things turned out ugly when one of the guys got carried away and raped her. One thing lets to another and the rest was history....... What i can say ...they dont deserve to be call human..

Friday, August 27, 2004

WHat is happening to our society?????

Student kills brother after being scolded for smoking - The Star Online

IPOH: A Form Three boy killed his 19-year-old brother after he scolded the boy for smoking.
The brother was a factory worker in Jalan Lahat here.
The Form Three boy stabbed his elder brother in the neck outside their home in Taman Mas, Chemor, at 10.30pm on Wednesday.
State deputy CID chief Supt Abdul Rahman Hashim said the factory worker had earlier caught his brother smoking near their home and scolded him.
He said this angered the younger brother and sparked off a quarrel which ended with the elder brother being stabbed with a sharp weapon.
Supt Abdul Rahman said their mother and other siblings were inside the house at the time of the incident while their father, a General Operations Force personnel, was on duty at the North Brigade in Ulu Kinta.
“The family only realised what had happened when they heard the elder brother scream. They rushed him to the Ipoh Hospital.
“He died at 11.30pm shortly after he was sent there,” he said.
Supt Abdul Rahman said police found a bloodstained knife at the family's home.
“A student has been remanded for 12 days until Sept 6 for investigations,” he added.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

The wind of change

just created my own blog. and i hope to make is as interesting as possible. Its kinda interesting reading thoughts and comments from people for all walks of life jotting down their life experiences, opinions, issues or non issues, sensitive or the otherway round! I was like in a small room, unable to wander and see whatever beyond it. Containing myself....but now i have made myself more open to my surroundings, enjoy and learn whatever come your way and to learn about people and to make that change within have a broad outlook and to have a more openminded person..... I hope to run my own blog as often as explore the world of people and their experiences plus knowledge....that what makes a good person out of me.